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  • 1. WELCOME TO DOORMAN GARAGE DOORS LTD. Welcome to Doorman Garage Door Services Ltd. We are pioneers in garage doors repair maintenance and installation in the greater Vancouver area. With over 20 years of experience in the field, we have catered to the needs of thousands of customers, and have successfully exceeded their expectations on each and every given instance.

2. GARAGE DOORS MAINTENANCE You could also sign up for annual maintenance with Doorman Garage Doors Ltd. By doing so, you can leave all the headache of maintaining the garage doors to us and focus only on the core areas of your business. We will send our technicians to your business location periodically to inspect and service your doors. That way, you will not have to worry about small problems snowballing into big a repair costs. You will only be charged for spare part replacements. We offer complete solution for repair and maintenance of commercial garage doors. Some of the aspects of your doors will include panels, cables, rollers, hinges, springs, tracks and seals. You could also opt for refurbished second hand parts and save a lot of money on repairs and maintenance of your doors. 3. GARAGE DOORS REPAIRS Not only do we deliver our services on time, but we also provide you with the most affordable residential garage doors solutions. We never try to up-sell our services to you and repair only the parts that are broken. We perform an honest analysis of your garage doors, and tell you exactly what needs to be done. Before we start the job we make sure you understand the time line and the price for the job. We at Doorman Garage Doors Ltd hire only the qualified and experienced technicians, who have been trained to repair all types of garage doors. They always make it a point to solve your problems in the shortest possible time. 4. INDUSTRIAL GARAGE DOOR We at Doorman Garage Doors Ltd not only cater residential and commercial garage doors, we also have the necessary equipments and expertise to provide industrial garage door repair, maintenance and installation as well. It is very important for any industry to have a service backup from a reliable door repair company, on whom they can lean back to whenever they face issues with their garage doors. Our customer support department is always available to receive your calls at any time during the day, and all through the year. 5. . Industries cannot risk the malfunctioning of their garage doors, because it could lead to operational interruptions, which in turn will reflect as losses in business. If you're running an industry, you cannot afford to have your vehicles stranded because of garage door breakdown. . We offer specialized industrial garage door repair and maintenance services, according to the requirements of four valued clients. If you require, we can also send our technicians during the weekends or business after-hours, so that your operations do not get interrupted. 6. Industrial garage door repairs include: Fixing the broken cables Fixing or replacing the broken springs Inspecting the rollers and wheels, and fixing them if required Repairing the chain drive openers We repair all kind of garage door openers Installation of new garage doors and garage door openers Replacing certain sections of your garage doors We offer repair and maintenance jobs on all types of garage doors, be it wood or steel. 7. RESIDENTIAL GARAGE DOORS We at Doorman Garage Door Services Ltd. have been serving customers in and around the Greater Vancouver area for more than 20 years now. If you need to repair, maintenance or installation of garage doors for your residences, we are best placed to give you the most professional services. We employ qualified technicians who are certified and meet the required service standards. We specialize in just about anything that is related to garage doors, be it new or old. 8. COMMERCIAL GARAGE DOORS Same Day Professional Services: There are many reasons why our customers keep coming back to us for their garage door solutions. We are very punctual with our services. Our staff is readily available to help you at anytime you want. Our same day appointment is one of the best repair solutions, which is appreciated by all our customers. If your garage door needs immediate attention, we will be glad to send our expert on the same day.


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