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www.mmo.at Digital Monitoring | Press Reviews | Analysis & Reports MMO Media Market Observer offers a comprehensive national & international Service. WE FOCUS ON YOU! Media Monitoring, Social Media Monitoring, Analysis, Web 2.0. Reports, Online Media Platform

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  • MMOMedia Market Observer Media Monitoring & Social Media
  • MMO Media Market Observer Founded 1964 Based in Vienna and Munich Austrian & Worldwide Service Press Reviews, Analysis & Social Media Reports Member of PRVA, VIKOM and Forum Media Planung Provisional Member of FIBEP We FOCUS on you! Austrian Agency for Media Monitoring & Social Media
  • PORTFOLIO > Press, Web & Radio/TV > Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Co. > AVE, Tendency, client reports, > Selective Information, Blog-Reports, Facebook-Monitor, > All available on your personal Online Media Platform. Media Monitoring Social Media Monitoring Analysis Digital Monitoring | Press Reviews | Analysis & Reports Web 2.0. Reports Online Media Platform MMO Media Market Observer offers a comprehensive national & international Service.
  • email or platform We provide a PRESS, WEB and RADIO/TV Monitoring Service via Mail or Online Platform. MMO allows individual, focused analyses of your PR work, but also automatically delivers details such as AVE, size of article and equivalence values. Daily delivery to your Online Platform or via email!
  • PRO arguments In Austria, there are thousands of media titles, monitored by MMO. We put quality before quantity so you wont be swamped by the flood of information. With our targeted selection, we deliver the important posts fast and adapted to the customer's requirements. For a successful media monitoring, the personal contact with the customer is in the first place for us. The only way to respond quickly and individually to customers needs. MMO media market observer offers like no other media observers the possibility of absolute flexibility. We provide individual "Monitoring packages" as our customers need it. SELECTION CUSTOMER SERVICE FLEXIBILITY It is important to provide a media monitoring service adapted to the NEEDS of our customers. For this, the following quality criteria are standard:
  • ANALYSIS | REPORTS [Professional press work has to be evaluated periodically. MMO gives you that kind of feedback. Analyses are specified to the needs of our customers, risk potential can be detected and you can react at an early stage. MMO allows individual, focused analyses of your PR work..] Marcus Mayer, CEO How much is my PR performance actually worth and who has noticed it? The MMO media analysis provides objective and verifiable data that can quantify the success of your press work and allows to plan ahead. Depending on the focus and aims different types of analysis are available to represent the successful PR campaign. The media analysis and evaluation aims to track the press work, to optimize > PR, marketing and management. Media Analysis AVE reports Trend & Sentiment reports Weekly Management Summaries Quarterly reports Content Analysis Target group coverage reports QUANTIFY PLAN AHEAD DETECT RISKS OPTIMIZE REACT EARLY
  • "Have we considered all possibilities? Social Media Monitoring and Reporting Monitoring, reporting, advice and recommendations for Facebook, Twitter and co. you get it all from a single source: from us. Also here, we attach great significance to offer a selective and need-oriented analysis. We create individual weekly or quarterly reports and put our focus, as usual, on quality and demand orientation.
  • QUALITY MONITORING CRITERIA The Customer decides in which content he is interested in. We decide which keywords are the best to fit his needs. We act flexible, selective and focus on you. Consulting wherever its needed. KEYWORDS Its all about SELECTION no mass just class CONSULTING You need us were there CONTENT Content not Layout FLEXIBILITY Focus on
  • Articles delivered in PDF Format, with AVE and Circulation. Data provided in digital Reports. Social Media via Dashboards or as weekly reports. Austrian Media approx. 3000 print titles more than 6.000 online sources Blogs, Social Media 200 TV and Radio programmes
  • REFERENCES MMO is especially proud to serve customers from different branches all over the world. Here you see a short excerpt of our 400 customers.
  • GET IN CONTACT! www.mmo.at Ing. Mag. Marcus Mayer | CEO Ungargasse 37 1030 Vienna AUSTRIA phone: +43 1 877 86 85 413 email: [email protected] Facebook: MMO.Medienbeobachtung Twitter:@presseclippings MMO Media Market Observer