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Write Your Book - From Heart-swell to Inkwell

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Short, simple, and juicy tips to get yourself out of a writing drought and back into the stream of your creative story! Using the simple strategy of stream of consciousness writing, you can unblock your creative juices and start your writing project with renewed enthusiasm and success!!

Text of Write Your Book - From Heart-swell to Inkwell

  • Write Your Book Part I
  • Whats Holding You Back? Are you confused? Do you just need your writing kick-started? Do you have a story ready for a book? Are you looking to be part of a community of like-minded individuals? Are you here to explore your possibilities? Do you already have a story you wish to develop and/or redraft?
  • In the beginning was an inner storm of inspiration
  • Followed by fear
  • We all have the courage needed to step out and fulfill our purpose! Nik Wallenda June 23, 2013
  • Technical v Creative Writing PRECISE WRITING (grammar & punctuation) Editors Publishers TECHNICAL WRITING (sharing information) Professional (attorneys) Scientific (computer science) CREATIVE WRITING (feeling, experience & inspiration) Poetry Creative short stories Novels Childrens stories Your story, poem, or idea! Its unique
  • CREATIVE WRITING 101 The Kiss Principle Dont focus on perfection Find a good editor who can clean up your grammatical blunders Focus on content Your writing project is unique and in order to be heard it must first be written
  • F Y I You are in the drivers seat if you want to publish SIX YEARS LATER, THE PUBLISHING WORLD HAS CHANGED DRAMATICALLY Where once you needed an agent you can now be your own agent Where once you needed a traditional publisheryou can now be your own publisher Where once you needed marketing expertsyou can now learn to be your own marketing expert Where once you needed someone to give you a big breakyou can now create your own opportunity BUT, I GET AHEAD OF MYSELF.
  • Why stream of consciousness?
  • Fishing in Your Stream of Consciousness Write a short paragraph that tells a story of one of the following pictures. Dont worry about being technically perfect. You cannot free up your creativity if you are locked inside a formula of perfection. Give yourself over to what I call stream of consciousness writing.
  • Recommended Workbooks Writing Down the Bones; Natalie Goldberg The Artists Way; Julia Cameron The Writers Compass; Nancy Ellen Dodd Inspiration Sandwich, Stories to Inspire our Creative Freedom; Sark
  • Recommended Reference Books & Online Resources Keys for Writers; Ann Raimes (multiple editions available) The Elements of Style; William Strunk & EB White
  • Keep It Simple Sweetheart Approach your writing with childlike enthusiasm! Dont take yourself too seriously! Smile, dont sweat the small stuff because it is all small stuff ! (Richard Carlson) Have fun! Your ideas will flow more freely and you will reach your writing goals!
  • Exploring Your Possibilities Do you feel: Frustrated with your attempt at writing your story? Have you started, only to stop and start againand again and..? Need some encouragement and accountability to make your dream a reality? Schedule a complimentary exploration session with Candace to see if NOW is the time to make an investment in YOUR writing! Virtual class and private coaching available.
  • About Candace George Conradi Twitter: @CandieLea Bio: Candace George Conradi is a best-selling and influential author known for her provocatively insightful prose about life. Her readers are impressed with her innate kindness, generosity and wisdom and find her work timeless. Her eclectic books speak to the heart of all people regardless of age, offering beautiful reminders of humankinds innate power and ability to live a life of value, purpose, and beauty according to each person's unique life design. A strong advocate for self-reliance, Conradi founded Women With a Voice in 2010, her active blog and Facebook community, out of her passion to help women realize their full potential. A prolific author, her recent books include: The Gentle Pines Purpose (an inspiring childrens book and adult fable about life), Soul Sitters, What to do when your loved one is dying (co-authored with Stacey Canfield, founder of, and Sweet Tweets, 140 Characters of Wisdom. Her blogs are read internationally, especially embraced by women striving to be respected, honored and heard. Candaces work is recognized for its cutting edge message that makes positive change not only credible but achievable. BOOKS Sweet Tweets, 140 Characters of Wisdom, 2013 The Soul Sitters Handbook, 2012 The Gentle Pines Purpose, 2011 Co Authored with Stacey Canfield Amazon Best Seller Diamond Moms, A Mothers Guide to Raising a Baseball Player, 2006 BLOGS Women With a Voice Guiltless Devotion LIVE INTERVIEWS Follow the links on Candaces Homepage: