Working Mothers

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All about the hustle bustle in the life of a working mother

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  • 1.Working Mothers Juggling Career & Family

2. Mom.Stay at homeWorking 3. Statistics

  • Nearly half of all working women (49%) are mothers.
  • 47% of women professionals and managers are mothers.
  • 49% of women business owners or partners are mother
  • 47% of women in top management are mothers

4. Mothers viewKids are not perfect, but they are not bullies,Kids have nice friends, and they do well in school Home is not perfect, but it is clean (if not as organized ) Career, which has changed several times during the adult life, is certainly not perfect and always seems to interfere with the expectationsas a mother. Proud of children and their accomplishments (and still guilt ridden ), still looking for the perfect career. Years later also brings to the keyboard andstill searching for a career that provides not only income, family time, and fulfillment, but one that makesfeel successful, as if yet to realize that unattainable dream.Seemscannot totally escape the desire to have it all even though common sense dictates otherwise. 5. Sociologists Idea Sociologists cite the cross-cultural studies showing that the more solitary mothering is, the less tender the mothering! This runs exactly counter to our thinking, that only if mother is always there can she feel the tender maternal bond.Mother is always there, she is neglecting her identity and growth, which puts her mothering in jeopardy. When women are fulfilled in themselves, they have more to give to children. And women today, raised to fulfill themselves intellectually, financially, and socially rarely feel complete if they give all that up to stay home with small children. 6. Moms who work are better models because they show their children that all people, men and women, get to have work, love, individuality, and family. If they see mothers pursuing "self," it gives them permission to develop their individuality, without feeling guilty or sorry for the mom who gave hers up.Sons with mothers who work develop a respect for women's independence instead of imagining there will always be a woman to "serve" them. The newest long-term study of teens, by the way, noted that divorce or parents working did not affect whether kids turned to drugs, etc. The only relevant factor was parents who were involved in their children's lives. Working doesn't mean parents can't be involved in the children's lives 7. Realistic Approach Juggle-struggle of work and family afflicts mothers across society. But, for mothers who work outside the home, juggling career and family brings special challenges and concerns 8. Celebrity Moms Soledad O'Brien:coanchor CNN Hectic but happy scramble for balance struggling with the guilt thing, fulfilling life that includes hubbie,kids and a demanding job. 9. Julianne Moore : "[I manage] the same way everybody else does who has children and a job. You do the best you can! A lot of other things -- like your social life -- fall by the wayside." 10. KATE HUDSON: "I don't think [motherhood is] ever what you expect. I mean, in a sense, I knew I was going to be tired. Being a mom and a working mom is never easy, everyday, it's just crazy. It's insane." 11. Mrs. Obama presented herself as a woman who's "had to juggle being mom-in-chief and having a career for a long time."Work and family areseen as separate worlds for her. 12. Stress Stress Mothers face a guilt as a result of not spending time with their family & kids Time happens to be a relative term 'Quality time' is more important 13. Thanks Mail at[email_address]