Wedding Reception Secrets Revealed

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The aims of this presentation are: 1) To give a brief, but fairly comprehensive introduction to the various elements of the wedding reception. 2) To present some of the insider knowledge and ‘tricks of the trade’ I have picked up over many wedding reception engagements. It deals with various aspects of the reception, including speeches, toasts, photographers, the receiving line and cutting the cake. ENJOY, SHARE & COMMENTS WELCOME!

Text of Wedding Reception Secrets Revealed

  • Secrets of Wedding Receptions Revealed

  • About Meand this presentation.Hello,My name is Nick Funnell (email link). Ive been working as a professional toastmaster (based in Norfolk, UK) since 2006.The aims of this presentation are:To give a brief, but fairly comprehensive introduction to the various elements of the wedding reception.To present some of the insider knowledge and tricks of the trade I have picked up over many wedding reception engagements.So lets get on with it

  • ContentsThe Function ManagerThe PhotographerThe Receiving LineThe Bride and Bridegrooms EntranceCutting the CakeThe Speeches (When, Who, What to say, How long, Being heard) Audio/VisualsToastsPresentationsGuest BookWrap-up & Hiring a Toastmaster

  • The Function Manager (1)Your first point of contact.Be sure to arrange a meeting with the venues Function Manager well in advance of the big day. He/she can take you through the basic running of events in relation to the PHYSICAL LAYOUT(S) of the venue ?????

  • The Function Manager (2)A person with contactsand also hire (or put you in contact with) proven, reliable professionals to cover other aspects of the day itself:ToastmasterDriver/vehicle providerChildren's entertainmentDJ

  • The Photographer (1)Friend or foe?However, some can be very SELF-INDULGENT, taking literally hundreds of unnecessary and/or pretentious shotsThis is known in the trade as FILLER- stuffing the album with pictures simply to justify an inflated photographers fee.Most photographers do an excellent, professional job of producing a wedding album- which will, after all, be your one permanent reminder of the big day.

  • The Photographer (2)The enemy of good timekeeping?In addition, some photographers take little account of the days TIME CONSTRAINTS.If unchallenged, this could have serious knock-on effects throughout the day, including the meal being spoiled and/or evening guests left waiting for the meal & speeches to finish.Remember, THE DAY BELONGS TO YOU and your families & friends. Its purpose is not for the photographer to indulge his or her artistic pretensions & overcharge you for the privilege.

  • The Receiving LineAre they necessary?FOR- it gives the B&G and parents a chance to be introduced to everyone- remember, parents may well not know many of the B&Gs friends.AGAINST- it takes TIME, on a very time-sensitive day. For 70 guests, reckon on the receiving line taking 20-25 minutes.???If you do have oneUse the USHERS as doormen, otherwise guests will tend to pile through in a disorganised manner.??

  • The Bride & Grooms EntranceWith all guests having found their seats, the B&G can make their grand entrance!They will be ANNOUNCED IN (by the toastmaster), to rapturous applause from the guestsOne the couple are seated, THE MEAL MAY BEGIN (unless the speeches are happening before the meal-see slide Speeches (1)).A short GRACE can be said if you wish. This can be performed by the toastmaster.

  • Cutting the Cakeand eating it.The cutting ceremony usually happens some time before the speeches.Often the photographer will take a posed, fake cake cutting photo with the B&G before the meal. This allows guests to snap away unimpeded during the actual cutting ceremony.???Tell the Function Manager WHICH TIERS need cutting up for guests, and WHEN TO SERVE THEM.This is often with coffee after the meal, though you (and your stomachs!) may prefer to wait until later.

  • The Speeches (1)When to make them.Speeches can be made BEFORE or AFTER THE MEAL- both options have their pros and cons:BEFOREgets them over with so the speechmakers can relax and enjoy the meal, BUT the guests will be hungry, especially with the smell of food wafting in from the kitchens!AFTERis traditional and more comfortable for the guests, BUT the speechmakers may not get to enjoy their meal, thinking about the ordeal ahead.

  • The Speeches (2)Whos going to speak?But theres no rule to say you have to stop thereFather of the BrideBridegroomBest ManBride & BridegroomBridesmaids & PageboysUp to him!The TRADITIONAL order is as followsSpeakerProposes toast to**Can be substituted for another family member if unavailable.

  • The Speeches (3)Its often a nice touch for the BRIDE to say a few words herself. After all, she is supposed to be the centre of attention for the day! The traditional order perhaps feels rather male-dominated for this day and age.PLUS- ad hoc, anyone else who wants to say a few words- but maybe best to check their condition first Whos going to speak? (cont.)

  • The Speeches (4)Dont panic! You can easily compose an effective speech around the basic elements:What to say?Thank everybody for coming (especially those whove travelled significant distances)Say how lovely the bride looks & how well everythings been organised.One or two personal reminiscences on the B&Gs relationship over the years/months.Try to keep any sad material to a minimum- maybe just a toast to absent friends

  • The Speeches (5)Its usually best to err on the side of BREVITY.As a rough guide, aim for BETWEEN 4 & 8 MINUTES. PRACTICE & TIME YOURSELF beforehand. How long?Any longer and peoples attention will tend to drift- rapidly.

  • The Speeches (6)Being heardAlways check to see if the venue has a usable PA system.If they have, great- USE IT (liaise with the Function Manager to make sure itll be ready).If not, youll need to PROJECT- easier said than done, especially if children are present & making a noise!

  • Audio and VisualsMany venues play low-volume atmosphere music during the meal. This is very easy to mentally tune out and forget about- until everybody is quiet! MAKE SURE IT IS TURNED OFF before speeches start. Beware the slight technical hitch!In general, its best to avoid Powerpoint/slides or music to illustrate speeches- theres too much to go wrong. Use hand-out pictures in envelopes instead.If you must use the technology TEST IT BEFOREHAND!

  • The ToastsThe traditional toasts can be found on the slide Speeches (2).However, any speaker can propose as many or few toasts as they want.And how to make themREMEMBER- TELL people whether you want them to stand or sit EACH TIME (either is OK- bear in mind the elderly/infirm) Otherwise youll find everyone drinking the toast in the ever-popular unsure crouch position.

  • PresentationsThese are often made during the bridegrooms speech. Remember:Thanking those who have helpedAlso, ITS NOT AN AWARDS CEREMONY & nobody wants to sit through more than a few presentations.An option could be to make only the main presentations during speeches, then the rest privately afterwards.

    All presents should be in place before the speeches start- CHECK.Presentations should not be used as an alternative to a speech!Get the bride and/or toastmaster to help- this could be a good opportunity for the bride to say a few words if shes not giving a formal speech herself.

  • The Guest BookMake sure the signing gets started DURING THE MEAL. A good time is just after people have finished the starter and are waiting for the main course- take it to one of the tables & ask them to pass it round.can easily get overlooked.otherwise youll end up using a stubby, half-chewed specimen borrowed from reception, spoiling the effect somewhat!Remember to get a decent pen to go with it

  • Wrapping it UpThats the formalities of the reception over withand going into the evening.Remember to ask the DJ if you want a first dance- they are usually happy to oblige with announcing. Evening guests may well have arrived by this point, so youll want to go out and greet them. Encourage everyone else to follow you- staff may well need to clear the room for the evening anyway Now relax and enjoy the evening!

  • Hiring a ToastmasterOf course, the best thing would be for SOMEONE ELSE to deal with all the details of the reception, leaving you free to enjoy the day.This is where the TOASTMASTER comes in.The ideal solution.The toastmaster should usually be available to MEET WITH YOURSELVES well in advance the day itself, to discuss exactly how you want the day to run and offer advice where appropriate.Not only does the toastmaster add a touch of elegance to any occasion, he or she can make sure everything runs SMOOTHLY and ON TIME.

  • Thanks for Watching!I wish you all the very best for your big day ahead- and I hope this presentation helps you to get the best possible experience from it!