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Browse our wedding cakes directory to find cake makers in USA for perfect occasion. We feature over 1000+ Wedding Cake Makers with photos, ratings, reviews, and more. Visit at http://www.weddingpastry.com/

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Why Cake is

Important For

any Occasion

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Cakes for Occasions is a nut-free, boutique-style

gourmet cake and pastry shop where

creativity and passion is the recipe for our

products. you are looking for wedding or birthday

cake, we will work with you to create the

perfect cake you need for each of your special


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Birthday celebrations have always been associated with things like CAKE,

balloons, gifts, Birthday hats, candles, special

Birthday Songs, Birthday gaming activities,

decorations etc. Birthday Cake is a must to have for any Birthday celebration.

The trend of cutting cake on one's Birthday is believed to

be started by Greeks.

Importance Of

Birthday Cake

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Cars Cake

Impress with these cool Cars Cake for your

birthday and let this birthday cake delivered to

the birthday girl or Boy throughout the Netherlands.

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Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes

You can order the most delicious Chocolate Ganache

Cupcakes and delivered throughout the Netherlands.

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Happy Birthday Petit Fours

Order our Happy Birthday Petit Fours and surprising the

birthday boy with this delicious treat!

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Mocha pie

This delicious Mocha Cake can be delivered

throughout the Netherlands with photo,

logo or text.

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Pyramid Cake

Handmade confectioner cake with a chocolate

covering. The cake weighs apron. 600 gr. and has a diameter of 16 cm.

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4 Lb Cheesecake Sampler

A great way to try 8 different cheesecakes, our best selling Cheesecake Sampler is a 4-pound cheesecake, comes pre-sliced and serves 16.

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Vienna Coffee Hauls Cake

Dark chocolate base with mixed spices and rum raisins

and filled with can ache-cream. Covering consists of Belgium chocolate and rum marzipan.

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Black And White Birthday Cake

8" Cake - #1 Winner last 5 years in a row for Best Bakery

in the Reader's Choice Awards.

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The first cut of the wedding cake is very

important for a coupleThis “Anniversary Cake Cutting Party” is 50%

inspiration, 50% reality, and 100% the result of the efforts of some of

my favorite bridal industry friends

Importance Of

Anniversary Cake

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Walnut Cream Cake

Soft and dark base. Filled with walnut cream.

Covered with marzipan and decorated with chocolate


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Lübecker Marzipan Cake

Handmade confectioner cake with a fine almond base and

combined with marzipan cream and covered in a marzipan

crust. The cake weighs aprox.

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Raspberry Cake

Handmade confectioner cake with fresh

raspberries. The cake weighs aprox.

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Boston Fruit Cake

Special gift for a Special Person.

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The Loving Pie

Order online this original cake and deliver the cake

throughout the Netherlands.

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Loving Petit Fours

Find you love someone and want to let you know that, then delivery Buy Loving

Petit Fours and let it throughout the Netherlands

to your loved one.

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Strawberry Grand Marnier Cake

Two layers of moist yellow sponge cake are brushed with Grand Marnier, filled

with Grand Marnier infused vanilla butter crème and sliced fresh strawberries.

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7 Inch German Chocolate Cake

A grand tradition! Shredded coconut and toasted pecans

form a filling between layers of moist chocolate


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7 Inch Gold Rush Carrot Cake

This delicious cake is perfectly spiced, and

blended with fresh finely shredded carrots and

smothered in cream cheese icing.

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Butter Cream Cake "Rosenberg"

Handmade confectioner cake with fine butter

cream and rose oil and taste of raspberry.

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Ch'up Cake Gift Assortment

The cupcake reinvented! We replaced the cake

with solid Belgian Chocolate.

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Cake Pop Birthday Bouquet Of 12

This one dozen cupcake cake pop birthday bouquet contains the most adorable treats.

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1 Kg Butter Scotch Cake



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1.5 Kg Chocolate Truffle Cake



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