The Law of Attraction: Designing Your Vision Board

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The Law of Attraction dictates that we concentrate on the things we want, rather than the things we don't want. Creating your own personal vision board for making our desires more concrete is a great way to stay focused.


  • 1. Creative Visualization: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! A Tool for Applying the Law of Attraction
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  • 3. Creative Visualization is an excellent tool to use for applying the law of attraction in our life.
  • 4. The ability to visualize exactly what we want, to know it deeply, how it feels, how it smells and what it looks like, is an excellent way of making it real and tangible.
  • 5. Vision boards are a simple, but powerful manifestation tools that can help us to transform our dreams into reality
  • 6. You may be wondering what exactly a vision board is ! ! ! !
  • 7. ! A vision board is a visual representation of things that you want to attract into your life.
  • 8. A vision board is a collage, much like the ones you may have made as a child in grade school. It is made up of the highest visions you hold for your self and your life.
  • 9. Making a vision board is easy. First, you will need a piece of poster board, foam board, or cork board. The type of surface simply depends on whatever you prefer to mount your pictures on.
  • 10. Once you've chosen your surface, the next step is to cut out pictures that most closely resemble the things, people and/or activities you want to attract into your life.
  • 11. You can draw or write descriptions,or take photographs if you like. You can choose any way you like to express the ideals for what you want to achieve, acquire, become and do. You get to creatively dream your life into being how you want it.
  • 12. Detail is key. The more clearly you can see it and feel it and touch it and sense it, the more powerful the act of manifestation will become.
  • 13. You will glue, pin or tape pictures and descriptions to the board in a way that resonates happily for you. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Be sure that your board clearly expresses your goals and aspirations.
  • 14. If your goal is to travel to exotic locations, locate pictures of such locations. If you hope to manifest wealth, decorate your board with symbols that reflect wealth,affluence and a luxurious lifestyle.
  • 15. You vision board should serve as a constant visual reminder of the things you want to manifest into your life. By aligning your mind with your goals in this way, you will begin to attract these things into your life.
  • 16. ! Our brains are wired to filter information naturally through a system known as RAS (reticular activating system).
  • 17. An easy way to imagine the RAS is to see it as a radio. We are surrounded by various radio waves at differing frequencies. Our RAS can pick up all of those frequencies, but only one at a time. In order to receive your favorite radio station, you have to fine-tune your radio in order to properly receive it.
  • 18. Vision boards work to program the RAS to tune in our focus on all the external stimuli that help us move nearer towards our intentions. In this way we can apply the Law of Attraction even when our conscious brain is not thinking of the things we desire.
  • 19. Your objective is to create a vision board that constantly reminds you of your goals and inspires you toward achieving them.
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