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The Heart of Leadership™ with Swapnil

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As another beautiful addendum to LifeONE Experience modules, sharing with you the module for Leadership Motivation. 'The Heart of Leadership' is a soul-stirring module based not on the much-hyped ‘art’, but the heart of a leader. Strictly averse to examples and the leadership the World has seen till today, this module's wisdom instead believes in the ultimate human potential and its power to create better and more innovative answers for the World of tomorrow. Thus, the purpose and pedagogy stems from awakening the real Leader within people. One that’s unique. One that’s purely themselves.

Text of The Heart of Leadership™ with Swapnil

  • The Heart of LEADERSHIPF A R F R O M T H E A R T S T R A I G H T T O T H E H E A R T a Swapnil Tewari Sessions creation
  • Leadership
  • true leadership is not the mind but the soul within.
  • true leadership is not the mind but the soul within.
  • true leadership is not the mind but the soul within.
  • true leadership is not the mind but the soul within.
  • true leadership is not the mind but the soul within.
  • true leadership is not the mind but the soul within.
  • one-of-its-kind module that does not teach leadership, but helps one unravel it. Their very own. the truest leadership within.
  • a concise but crisp discussion based activity stemming from social experiments, behavioral pschology, beyond the body experiences. And above all. WISDOM. The modules light is shared through the 7 steps.
  • participative learning THROUGH Behavio ura l & Psyc ho lo g ic a l ped a g o g y. Beyon d the Body so c ia l ex periment s. St retc hing yo urself ! Emo -sc o re ga mes. Ex perienc es, Mo t iva t io na l a nd True sto ries. Ro le -plays . Ex tensive d isc ussio n Eg o test The ult ima te sla p exercise Hypno sis
  • other modules at Hum honge Kamyaab : Team Motivation Sales Team motivation THE Journey to MY Soul : Spirituality within Power Motivation : How to inspire your workforce inspired LEADERSHIP. EUREKA the innovation & creativity bootcamp : Become an Inventor in a day! The happYness Workshop : Finding happYness with your Family, your Job and Yourself! LifeONEFor aspiring leaders - middle management other role specific functions in organizations.
  • Speaker The P R O F I L E - W O R K - C O N N E C T
  • INVENTOR - SOCIOPRENEUR lifeONE SPEAKER PSYCHE ARTIST His business model, 'Sarv Mangalam' focuses on providing value to each strata of the pyramid through 'Creativity, Value creation and Justice'. He spins his learning from footpaths, gruelling jungles, kidnappings and empty bank accounts into a unique training module called, Life One and has delivered them at IIM, NTPC, IBM among other centres of repute. Inspired by the power to create, he has innovated with products ranging from contraceptives to mattresses, that heal! With 8 patents in process in the areas of Women Safety, Marketing Information dissemination, physiological efficiency, and concepts based on universal ratio. Invention for Change remains his vision. A Dyslexic by birth and a Dreamer by Choice, he has also ventured into the field of Brand and Innovation Consulting with his enterprise, aptly named The Invention Company! . A recent invention of his is competing at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, final phase. Often addressed as The Vagabond- Swapnil manifests the name to its core. Starting up in his early twenties post a coveted career at RBI, his Journey throughout has been the core of his Inspiration. His work spans poverty alleviation, opportunity creation, exploring and saving endangered civilizations in the Naxal Jungles of India through his venture Naked Colours. (estd. 2011) Swapnil, with his venture Naked Colours is a case study at Newcastle University (NCU) and LBS (U.K.), IIM-A and IISc Bangalore. In Dec 2012, Naked Colours became the youngest Social Entrepreneurship enterprise to be featured in Forbes International. A freethinker, and a devotee of Creation, Swapnil loves to write, and his first anthology is due for release in 2014. Swapnil can be reached at Find more about Naked Colours. Click swapniltewari
  • IDEAS IN ACTION Social Ideas that are poised to make a Change happen! THE PINK WHISTLE PROJECT An Action+Awareness Social Movement for Women Safety. An Innovation that brings back HONOR to our Women. THE BANGALORE FERRY PROJECT Of the Women- For the Women By the Women. An all women operated transport service for Women only. PROJECT UDAY Under the Sarv Mangalam Business Model of Naked Colours, Project Uday focuses on increasing worth of rural talent without compromising on their Value. Operational in 5 states. INVENTOR - SOCIOPRENEUR lifeONE SPEAKER PSYCHE ARTIST swapniltewari
  • S t CASE STUDIES & MEDIA COVERAGE Forbes To view the cover story, click icon
  • T h e T r i b u n e s D a r e t o D r e a m . h t t p s : / / w w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m / p h o t o . p h p ? f b i d = 3 2 6 4 5 9 8 4 4 9 6 1 2 & s e t = a . 1 4 7 0 3 5 4 9 1 4 6 4 5 . 2 0 6 5 0 2 8 . 1 1 0 6 7 7 6 5 0 7 & t y p e = 3 & t h e a t e r S t N a k e d C o l o u r s & S w a p n i l - R o b i n h o o d i n B u s i n e s s - U n d e r s t a n d i n g t h e D y s l e x i c E n t r e p r e n e u r . A c a s e s t u d y a t N e w C a s t l e U n i v e r s i t y , U . K . ( 2 0 1 2 - 1 3 ) C o v e r S t o r y a t N a t i o n a l E n t r e p r e n e u r s h i p N e t w o r k ( N E N ) h t t p : / / w w w . n e n o n l i n e . o r g / p a g e / c r e a t i v i t y - c h a n g e T h e T r i b u n e s P a c e s e t t e r h t t p s : / / w w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m / p h o t o . p h p ? f b i d = 4 1 9 8 0 3 7 9 4 5 0 1 6 & s e t = a . 1 4 7 0 3 5 4 9 1 4 6 4 5 . 2 0 6 5 0 2 8 . 1 1 0 6 7 7 6 5 0 7 & t y p e = 3 & t h e a t e r CASE STUDIES & MEDIA COVERAGE
  • the experience shared memoirs real smiles . real tears . real words .
  • A Life of Inspiration and crystal pure motivation. An ocean of Love and a Brainsmith! His ideas and treatment create a tangible IMPACT! . I value his friendship and admire the magnificence of his being. -Dr. Asina Shareef, Founder, Awaam Foundation, Lahore (Pakistan) at CII Exchange 13 Swapnil is a thousand year old hermit morphing into a charming maverick. The world is waiting for more and more Magic from you Swapnil! . I will keep your livemad philosophy forever! Thanks! -Howard Murphy, Postulate One- Forbes International Changemakers. An artist, an activist, a social entrepreneur, a poet, an inventor, a speaker who touches hearts, and above all Inspiration personified. Your story brought tears and gave hope, both , in a moment. Love You. -Dr. Neerja Shukla, Head-Department of Education for the Disabled NCERT. Swapnil displays every skill a great therapist needs - the abilities to support and confront, cajole and contradict, inform and inspire. His artistry is all the more remarkable because he isn't a therapist. Rather, he is a keen observer of what works in living life well, and a great teacher of these vital life skills. -Dr. Michael D Yapko, at IISc Bangalore Dyslexic Research Project. Youngest Social Entrepreneur/enterprise to be featured as Forbes Changemakers at 25. - Forbes Stats Bureau Report 2012
  • The Hero Within session at The Youth Leadership Summit 2014. In association with Indian Institute of Technology New Delhi
  • The Power Personality Program for Youth Leaders at THE AWAKE SLEEP Beyond the Body Hy pnosis session. F ind ing a nswers wit hin.
  • Dr. A.K. Bajpayee, MS (SSLM) Stanford , ex-Asia Africa Regional Advisor UNDP
  • Masters Students at BITS, Pilani
  • Masters Students at JIM, Noida
  • B.Tech Students, IIT Bombay
  • A student at Banasthali Vidyapeeth post a session on Womanhood.
  • THANK YOU VERY MUCH. GLAD TO MEET YOU HERE!WOULD BE GREAT TO HAVE, IN PERSON! s w a p n i l t e w a r i @ o u t l o o k . c o m + 9 1 - 9 7 4 - 2 9 4 - 8 8 8 2 Lets connect!
  • Disclaimer All Rights Reserved. The Ideas presented in the Presentation are so

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