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  • 1. Social Psychology Assignment 2 : Comic Strip Group member : Tan Ling Rong Tan Chiew Nee Course : FNBE July 2013 Tutor : Mr. Shankar

2. 1. Stereotyping Racism Stereotype is a thought that may be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things. And racism is a discrimination directed at a specific racial group. In this story, when the class heard that Kelvin, an African has been assigned to lead the class for the school spring cleaning activity they straight went on gossiping and doubting about Kelvins ability in leading the whole class. 3. 2. Extrinsic Motivation Extrinsic motivation means taking a certain action in response to external pressure or obligation, things might be done to earn a certain reward or to avoid punishment Kelvin took over the position to be the leader of school spring cleaning, he tried to work at his best by asking the class to follow every of his instructions to clean the school so that he can accomplish his job as a leader and not being judged or doubted by the class that he couldnt do it just because he is an African. 4. 3. Altruism Altruism is the principle or practice of concern for the welfare of others. At the end of the story, Kelvin went out alone to trim the school field under the rain. Then one of his classmate saw and insisted on helping him out regardless of what he had done to the class before that. 5. 4. Covariation Theory Covariation theory is an attribution theory based on three factors which are consensus (would most people behave in the same way), distinctiveness (would the same person behave differently in other situations?), consistency (does the individual respond in the same way to the same stimulus in different contexts?) In this comic story we can see that in one situation when Kelvin acted as the leader and expected the class to follow all his instructions, part of the class just followed whatever he said without any objections while a few of them didnt really willing to listen to him and in the end even rebelled his instruction and refused to do the cleaning. 6. 5. Self efficacy Self efficacy is the extent or strength of ones belief in ones own ability to complete tasks and reach goals. When the whole class refused to follow Kelvins instruction in trimming the school field grass, he went to do it alone and he had very high self efficacy thinking that he could finish everything by his own without any help from the classmates. 7. THE END Theories applied: 1. Stereotyping racism 2. Extrinsic Motivation 3. Altruism 4. Co-variation Theory 5. Self Efficacy Group Members: Tan Ling Rong Tan Chiew Nee