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Social media makeover strategy for non profit organizations. Presented @ the Dahl Consulting: Social Media Fundraising for non-profits seminar on October 21, 2009 in Toledo, Ohio.

Text of Social Media Makeover

  • 1. Social Media Makeover
    Non-Profit Edition

2. By Jermaine A. Young
Director of IT and Development
Greater Toledo Urban League
President/CEO of A Sublime Creation Design Studio
Super Cool Genius Internet Guy
3. Out with the old
Evaluating your needs
4. NON-Profit does not mean boring
Using Social Media:
Non-profits can present their causes and mission in a fresh and exciting way
Non-profits can appeal to a wider audience and ultimately attract new donors and supporters
Non-profits can inform their supporters of changes and events up to the minute
Non-profits can get a better idea of who believes and supports their mission
5. You can teach an old dog new tricks
Present your content in appealing ways
Just because numbers are boring doesnt mean they have to be
Make it look good
Humans are sensory beings and like things that are attractive
Stick to your purpose
Make sure you can own up to your claims
6. Over your head
Debunking the Social Media Phobias
7. Its not gonna bite ya
Social Media is a lifestyle
Add it in to your routine just like brushing your teeth and going to the gym
Social Media is a language
Find out the formula for successful communication
Social Media is a landscape
Learn the playing field before entering the game
8. What you dont know someone else will
How can my organization benefit from Social Media?
How do other organizations similar to mine use Social Media?
Do I or my staff know how to use Social Media?
Is this something I can use volunteers for?
9. Extreme Makeover
Practical example: Social Media in action
Before: Stiff, Stale, Boring, Old
After: New, Fresh, Alive, Young
11. Every avatar has a soul
What is our organizations personality?
What topics would our organization be interested in?
What is our voice?
12. Keep the site alive
A blog can be your voice
Keep supporters informed
Share forever changing stats and info
13. Heard it through the grapevine
14. Social Media
15. Word of web is the new word of mouth
Old way
New way
Phone Banks
Mass Mailing
Door to Door
Chasing our tail
Sending Tweets
Updating Facebook
Keeping our blog fresh
Interacting oneon one with our supporters
16. Quick resources
How you can be the best you can be
17. Quick resources
Dahl Consulting
18. Final Word
The web is a T.V. commercial and not a billboard
In cyberspace no one can hear you scream
Keep it moving