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Secrets Of Treasure Hunting

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Find Treasure

Find TreasureNo matter what you want out of life, there is one thing that is absolutely required to get it.If you don't do this one thing, you have a very, vary strong chance of not getting anything close to what you want.However, if you do this thing well, there's really no limit to what you can get.None at all.Luckily, this "thing" is something you already know how to do. So you don't really need to learn anything. You don't need to do anything out of the ordinary even.You just need to do the same thing that people have been doing since before recorded history.Maybe you can improve yourself in this area, but it's not something new.What's the "thing"?Interacting with others.Yea, no big surprise, right?Yet many people think they can get stuff without doing this. Many people imagine they can make their dreams come true all alone, or via some magical force that none know exist.Sure, there are SOME people who can get SOME things without the help of others. But that's usually people in movies who are stuck on islands.And even then they can only get a few coconuts and maybe some fish.But here's the most crucial part.When you interact with others, it's always some kind of exchange.Sure, when we're little kids and live inside families, we just express our needs and they get fulfilled.That's the job of our parents. That's the job they signed up for when they decided to have us.But harsh as it may sound, out in the real world, where you interact with people you have NO blood relationship to, nobody owes you squat.Which means nobody's going to GIVE you anything.Unless of course, YOU give THEM something in return.Doesn't have to be tangible. Doesn't even have to be a big deal. A stranger gives you the time, and you give them a genuine smile and "thank you." That's an honest and mutually beneficial exchange. It makes both people better off. It makes both people happier.No manipulation, no con jobs, no scams.All interactions between adults are like this. Friends, lovers, co workers, bosses and subordinates.How do you get better at this? So you can not only give more, but get more?The secret is in understanding that people WANT a lot more than they're saying. They want a lot more than they're getting.And you (yea, YOU), have a LOT more than you've giving. WAY more than you think.By opening up yourself, and learning how to open up others, you can give more, and you can get more.All the way from a simple smile for the time, to a huge pile of cash in exchange for your skills.And it all starts with your communication.Make It Better:mindpersuasion.com