Ravneets birthday

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happy b'day!! :)


  • 1. haPPy bIrthdAy!!!Ravneet

2. Yur last years bday cake 3. Birthdays are natures way of telling us to eatmore cake..!! :D 4. Hard times dont lastforever, but true friendships do Il be dere for anything yu needEven if its just someone to listen!! 5. Seriously,, u luk beautiful in ur naturalAnd simple ways.!!No makeup on, no gloss, and u areready to go anywhere .I just love dis thing about yu 6. MY First bighangout wid yuguys,, after I came to amritsar!! 7. HA HA HA Everybody is very well familiar with yur unique way of laughing..!! :D 8. Aaah so many memories of dis old room.!! 9. Life itself has been such a smashing hit, right from thetime you made your grand entrance. I love you, myfriend. You are really special to me.!! 10. FUNTIMES TOTAL CRAZYTIMES..!! 11. Aww,, so cute.Remember.. I made yudo this. :P 12. Beautiful..!! 13. ROOOMIES.!!! 14. YO!!WE ROCK!! 15. Aww.. Just look at yur face.I so much love dis picture.!!And oyee.. Ye pic isliye lagayi hai toMake yu remember dat I need a partysooon!! 16. You listened to me when Iwanted to talk. You werealways there to help me getrid of my fears and wipesaway all my tears. Today onyour birthday, I just cannotmake my mind whomshould I be more thankfulto. To you for being asweetheart? Or to God forblessing me with a friendlike you?I Wish yu all the finestthings in life,, coz yu deservethe best. I love yu.HaPPY bIrthday!!