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Webinar on starting a nonprofit's monthly giving program. Originally presented for coaching group members.

Text of Monthly givingwebinar

  • 1.Monthly Giving?
    • Youd be crazy not to start!

2. How to participate in todays webinar 3. 4. Why monthly giving?

  • Ease and convenience for your donors
  • Long-term, predictable income
  • Appeal for older and younger donors alike
  • Increases the value of the donor over the long-run
  • Increases donor loyalty and bequest gifts

5. You do the math $50 Donor converts $5/mo.-$60 yr $10/mo - $120 yr $100 Donor converts $15/mo - $180 yr $20/mo - $240 yr 6. In an ideal situation... 7. What 5 things do youneed to start? 8. 1. A Donor Base 9. 2. A Compelling Mission And a tie-in 10. 11. 12. 13. 3.The ability to process recurring gifts 14. 4.Ability to communicate through integrated communication channels

  • Online
  • Email
  • Direct mail

15. 5. The ability to thank donors promptly 16. Who are we looking for in our donor base? 17. What if you dont have any donors yet? 18. You can start small!

  • Begin with your loyal supporters and board members
  • Introduce it to your email list
  • Highlight the option of monthly giving on your website

19. One client

  • Launched with a series of four autoresponder emails
  • Began in the first few months with 15 new monthly donors, including a handful of board members
  • Nearly one year later - 40 regular monthly donors and one-time gifts have raised over $15,000

20. How else can you recruit monthly gifts?

  • Mobilize your volunteers
  • Use video on your website
  • Pick up the phone
  • Facebook

21. 22. The trick is to start! 23. What if youve got a monthly giving program but its stale or stagnant? 24.

  • Begin by surveying your current monthly donors for feedback

25. Compile a targeted mailing

  • an oversized outer envelope, closed-faced, with a bright, colorful, real stamp
  • a personal and genuine letter from the Executive Director
  • a full-page testimonial insert with the voices (and faces) of other monthly supporters
  • a full-page response device
  • a stamped reply envelope (not a BRE, a real envelope)

26. Every year ... 27. A word about thanking

  • No, you dont need to thank every month
  • Acknowledge impact in a special way
  • Dont stop communicating!
  • Send them special versions of your regular communications.