Learn about Ambit Energy's Free electricity program

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FREE ELECTRICITY- Learn about Ambit Energy and their free electricity program. Customers can earn valuable discounts that include travel rewards, cheap electric rates, and even free electricity.

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  • 1. EARN FREE ENERGY! Gathering Customers Is Even Easier!Ambit Energy customers can reduce Heres how it works:or eliminate the energy supply uRefer 15 customers to switch to Ambit Energy service.charges on their energy bills every uReceive a credit on the energy supplymonth simply by referring people portion of your bill equal to the averagethey know to use our service. amount of their payments. u This credit applies every month as long asConsultants who are customers you maintain a minimum of 15 customersare also eligible for the Free who pay their bills. u This credit will either appear on your bill,Energy program! or Ambit Energy will mail you a check. u the average payment is equal to or If greater than your bill for the month, yourCONTACT ME: Michael Underwood energy supply is completely free!VOICE: 800-417-3259 Cell 972-639-6992 Look for Frequently Asked QuestionsEMAIL: Michael@EnergySavings2011.com (FAQ) about Ambits Free EnergyONLINE: www.PowerToChooseNow.com Program in Power Zone.Copyright 2010 Ambit Energy Holdings LLC. All rights reserved. Ambit Energy is certified by state regulatory bodies to provide energy service to residential customers in areas where retail energy supply is deregulated.The Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT) recognizes Ambit Energy as a Retail Energy Provider (REP). PUCT Certificate #10117. Ambit Energy is an Energy Services Company (ESCO) certified by the New YorkPublic Service Commission (NYPSC).