How To Set Up Your Google Authorship For Your Own Website

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Do you want to know how to set up your Google Authorship program? This is a new way by which Google can judge the authentic writer. For more details you can get in touch with me - +919830528683


  • How To Set Up Your Google Authorship For Your Own Website
  • What is Google Authorship ProgramGoogle is now searching for new ways to authenticatequality and good back links. Most of the people aredoing a lots of social sharing and less back linking to theirwebsites after some Google Updates (Such asPenguin & Panda). There is only one way, by whichGoogle can find the authentic links on the internet -through their Google Authorship Program. Soif you want to rank higher on search results then it is thehigh time to let Google know who wrote all that greatcontent in your website.
  • How To Set Up You Authorship ProgramFor Single Author Blog -Link your unique content to your Google Plus profile using yourverified email address1. Keep it in mind that your email is on the same domain as your content.2. Make sure that each article has an Authors Name so that Google can judge who wrote it.3. Go to the Google Authorship Page and submit your email. To be Continued .
  • Set up Google Authorship by linking yourcontent to your Google Plus profile1. Create a link on your website using the following tag: Google2. Go to your Google Plus profile About Page and add your website as a site you are contributing to.3. Use Googles Structured Data Testing Tool to see if everything worked out for you by entering in the url of one of your articles
  • It may take up to 14 days for your profile image to appear next to your articles on Google.
  • You can Catch me1) Twitter2) Facebook3) My Blog4) Phone - +919830528683