How to make a recipe file

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  • How to make a RECIPE FILE

    You will need:

    26 index cardsScissorsGlue/staplerDirections

  • First card is your identification card. Create this card so that the recipe file will be easily recognized by you. Use a pen or marker. Decorate!!!!!!

    Must contain: First and last name Class periodYour First and Last Name

    Class period

  • Second card is your recipe category listing card. This card lists the 20 categories that your recipe file is composed of. Think of this card as your table of contents.List of Recipe Categories

  • Making the Category CardsSet aside 20 index cards (will use later)Cut the remaining 4 cards into six equal pieces. (Taking one card, fold in half long ways, open up and fold into thirds from the other directions. Cut on fold lines. Need only 20 tabs. See example:

  • Staple or glue one tab to each card (set of 20), spacing the tab with 7 on the left, 7 in the middle and 6 on the right. These tabs must be above the index card.

    Making the Category Cards

  • 4. Organize these into a stack, starting with a left tab, then a middle tab, then a right tab. Continue until all are organize.Making the Category Cards

  • 5. Identify each tab card: using a pen, print the word APPETIZER on the first (left tab), continuing until all have be indentified.Making the Category CardsBb APPETIZERBREADS AND CEREALS CAKES

  • Organize your RECIPE FILE1. First Card: Identification CardSecond Card: List of Recipe Categories Next 20 cards: Category Cards with tabs listing each of the 20 categories (in alphabetical order)Held together with one or two Rubber Bands.Turn in (wire basket on teachers desk) to be graded.

  • How your Recipe File is GradedIdentification Card 5 pointsListing of Recipe Categories 5 points20 Category Cards40 points 50 points

    Must be turned in on the due date. If not, your grade will be reduced by 10%. (Turning work in on time is a work skill)

  • Grading your RECIPE FILEYour recipe file is a requirement for passing this class.

  • Grading your RECIPE FILEThe contents of your recipe file is graded twice during the semester: once each grading period.* Identification Card* Listing of Recipe Categories* 20 Category Cards with tabs viewable and in alphabetical order* Recipes used in the food lab during that grading period

  • Treat your RECIPE FILE with care! The recipe file is a requirement for ALL of the foods classes at Harrison High School!(four semesters are possible)