How to Build Self Confidence?

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How to Build Self Confidence?

How to Build Self Confidence?ByBeena Patnaik

OverviewAll people like to lead a Successful Life. Self-confidence is the key to success in human life. It is the development of feeling that you are capable of doing something.But sadly, most of the people who are capable of doing many things underestimate themselves and thus they become looser to achieve the goal.

Among all creations of God human being is the best creation. He has the capacity to know what is good and what is bad and think rationally, work purposefully. His intelligence, behavior, dealings etc help him to adjust anywhere. Self-confidence brings more success to life. Everybody should have self confidence to go through the problematic situation and make life more peaceful and happy.

Tips for developing Self-confidence1) Identify your negative thoughts which bother you very much and work towards eliminating those thoughts by taking baby steps. For example:To overcome the fear of public speaking practice to give a speech in front of a small group of people and then in front of a larger audience.

2) Do not Compare yourself with others and feel inferior to others. Despite of all your problems you are a unique, special and valuable person. You can also excel if you try or make a sincere effort. Therefore, be confident and challenge the situation.

3) Identify your talents, achievements and success which serve as your strength and try to use your knowledge to solve the problem which you are facing and develop confidence.

4)Establish a good social network. You can talk and spend more time with your friends and relatives who are actually supportive and up-lifting.Making contact with such people you will not only develop social confidence but also self confidence. Avoid those people or places which make you feel bad.

5) Interests and hobbies play an important role in developing self-confidence. These also help in providing pleasure and make you compatible with other people.

6) Take proper foo, sleep for 6-8 hours and take rest according to the need.

7) Develop healthy habits, give importance to personal hygiene.

8) Physical appearance contributes in developing self-confidence. Try to establish a good body posture, dress nicely, take care of your hair, nails etc. Development of Self-Confidence is in your hands. Practice to be confident, face situations boldly and be happy. We should enjoy each moment of our life because that moment will never come again.