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Getting Started Creating Boards Following & Finding Followers Group Boards Brand Boards Pinning and Re-pinning Income Potential www.pinterest.com/kidsumers

How Bloggers and Brands can use Pinterest

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  • Getting StartedCreating BoardsFollowing & Finding FollowersGroup BoardsBrand BoardsPinning and Re-pinningIncome Potential www.pinterest.com/kidsumers
  • Getting Started Visit www.pinterest.com and register Choose your Pinterest name. My bio has my name, but my URL is www.pinterest.com/kidsumers Write a bio that tells your visitors who you are, and include your blog and social media links in the bio Include a headshot of yourself in your profile Connect your social media accounts (I prefer to turn off direct sharing to facebook)
  • Creating Boards Let your boards reflect your personality www.pinterest.com/kidsumers
  • Organize your boards so that the most appealing boards are seen first www.pinterest.com/kidsumers
  • Include boards that will have high search value (eg. Holiday boards, recipes)
  • Following & Finding Followers Add Facebook Fans and Friends from your Address Books Follow other pinners you know Search for topics that interest you and follow pinners Follow only the boards that interest you Join group boards www.pinterest.com/kidsumers
  • Group Boards Create and join relevant group boards Increases your reach Brings you new followers Drives new traffic to your blog (when pins originate from there) To create a group board, add the email addresses of the people you would like to be contributors Robin, Mom Foodie http://pinterest.com/MomFoodie makes good use of group boards
  • Brand Boards When would you put Brand Boards on your Pin Board? As part of an Ambassador program As part of a paid campaign To participate in a contest To demonstrate an interest in the brand As part of a gift guide or similar promotion Suggestions for creating Brand Boards: Choose a non-commercial name for the board Give a clear description as to what the board is, including any Brand descriptions and disclosure of any affiliate links Ensure all pins link to the appropriate place Spread out your pins so your followers arent being spammed www.pinterest.com/kidsumers
  • Brands Using PinterestHow can brands use Pinterest? By creating a Pinterest account for their brand & pinning their products and other related material By following, liking and re-pinning other pinners material By involving pinners (eg. Contest for best pins) Incorporate Pinterest into Ambassador programs Commission Pinterest boards much like sponsored posts are commissionedBrand Pinterest Accountshttp://pinterest.com/worldvisioncan/http://pinterest.com/lifemadedelish/
  • Pinning & Re-pinningRe-pinning is a great way to share your friends content, and to store something that you found really interesting, so click on the Pinterest logo and repin and like things regularly. Butyou want to be adding fresh and new content, not just re-pinning things that are already on PinterestHow to pin something you find online. Click a pin it button provided on the site OR add a link to a site, and select an image Avoid copyright issues by only pinning sites that provide a pin it button, or ask their permission before pinning Pin your own content Ensure anything you pin or re-pin is actually directing to the original source and not to a spam site or something other than what is representedSee what has been recently pinned from your site by visiting http://pinterest.com/source/YourWebsite.com/
  • Pin It ButtonsYou want pin it buttons on your blog. If you are not on wordpress, you can find code for buttons on the Pinterest site http://pinterest.com/about/goodiesWordpress Plugins Pin It On Pinterest Pin Button Attraction "Pin It" Button Pinterest Pin It Button for Images Socialize FlarePutting a watermark of your blog name or URL is a good idea, especially when providing a Pin It button, so that there is never any question who the images belong to.
  • Income PotentialHow can make Pinterest a part of your business plan: Offer it as part of sponshorship packages Include it in your gift guides Negotiate rates to develop non-commercial brand boardsAffiliates and Pinterest Disclosure Creating boards with a purpose/interest, not just affiliate links (eg. My Style board where you share zulilly items; or a Holiday Wish List with some great gift ideas)