Getting Started with Twitter Chats

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@LandmarkBot demonstrates how to get started with Twitter Chats using Twitter and TweetChat. This guide has been put together to assist new Twitter users who want to participate in #InflatableChat


<ul><li> 1. GETTING STARTED WITH TWITTER CHATSA quick guide by @LandmarkBot to help brand new #InflatableChat participants getthe most out of their twitter chat (tweet chat) experience.Step 1: Create A Twitter AccountStep 2: Adjust Your Twitter Profile SettingsStep 3: Link Your Twitter AccountStep 4: Authorize TweetChatStep 5: Enter ChatName In The TweetChatStep 6: Participating in the Twitter ChatStep 7: Reply &amp; Forward During the ChatStep 8: Twitter Chat Structure @LandmarkBot</li></ul> <p> 2. Step 1: Create A Twitter AccountSTART OFF ON THE RIGHT(For those who dont already have a twitter account.) FOOT WITH TWITTER1. In your browser, go to Follow all of the prompts to set up a new account. Before you sign up for a newaccount, have these things ready:1. a photo to use for your profileimage.2. ideas for your twitter handle.twitter account addresses beginwith the @ symbol.3. ideas for a quick bio tointroduce yourself to other userson twitter.For current #InflatableChat topics, visit 3. Step 2: Adjust Your Twitter Profile SettingsWHY YOU DONT WANT TO1. Respond to twitters confirmation email once youve created a new account. PROTECT YOUR TWEETS2. On, click your name in the upper right corner of screen for settings Having your Tweet Privacy set to3. Click on settings and uncheck the Protect my tweets box beside Tweet Privacy Protect my Tweets will preventanyone in the chats from seeingyour response.For current #InflatableChat topics, visit 4. Step 3: Link Your Twitter Account to TweetChat1. While youre logged into twitter, open a second browser window or tab.2. Type the URL in the second window.3. Read the websites How to use TweetChat. (See screenshot below.)4. Click the sign in button.For current #InflatableChat topics, visit 5. Step 4: Authorize TweetChat1. Once you click Sign In you should see a window asking to Authorize TweetChat.2. Click Authorize app.For current #InflatableChat topics, visit 6. (Allow Twitter to Authorize TweetChat.)Once you click the Authorize App button, you should see this screen redirecting you back to TweetChat.For current #InflatableChat topics, visit 7. Step 5: Enter ChatName In The TweetChat1. Once youve authorized TweetChat, you should see a window similar to the one below.2. Find the box located to the right of the # (The # is called a hashtag).3. Type the name of the chat inside this box. (In this case, type: InflatableChat)For current #InflatableChat topics, visit 8. Step 6: Participating in the Twitter Chat1. Once youve typed the chat name into the box, you should automatically see all the tweets usingthe hastag (#) - (see below).2. Type in the box below the sign out button and the hashtag (i.e. #InflatableChat) will automticallybe added to your message.For current #InflatableChat topics, visit 9. Step 7: Reply &amp; Forward During the Chat1. During the chat, use the reply and forward buttons to engage other members.2. You can favorite (star) messages you want to read later if the chat moves too quickly.For current #InflatableChat topics, visit 10. TWO REASONS YOU SHOULD ADD ANSWER NUMBERS (I.E.Step 8: Twitter Chat Structure A1) IN YOUR TWITTER CHAT1. The #InflatableChat Twitter Chat prepares questions for use as a guide for the chats. MESSAGES.2. You can find #InflatableChat questions at before, during and Most twitter chats are organizedafter each chat. using a list of questions related3. When you respond to specific questions, include the answer number A1, A2, A3 etc. in your to a topic. Usually the chatmessages.moderator will identify these questions by typing a Q1, Q2, etc. at the beginning of their message. 1. When responding to a chat question, add the answer number in your message to help everyone in the chat keep track of which question youre responding to. 2. Moderators oftenmake summaries of their chats and theyre more likely to include your messages if they can identify which topic it pertains to. This means you are more likely to see your responses published after the chat by using A1, A2... in the beginning of your messages.For current #InflatableChat topics, visit</p>