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There are many tutorials on this already, but this is for the person who wants to dive deeper and teach themselves how to use the tool, which blogs to follow and what are some of the little known tricks to get you ahead for your reporting needs of Google analytics.


  • 1. ServicesSERVICESAboutContactClients ServedCLIENTS SERVEDCONTACTABOUTCommentsENTER SEARCH TERMSPostsSEARCHHome | Getting started with Google AnalyticssiylhdtnG ctAgtrsite nte gt a elw Gia o Paul | December 3, 2013 | 0 CommentsIm certainly no expert at Google Analytics, but recognize that many people and businesses use it as their tool of choice for reporting. I also happen to be friends with one of the best kept secrets of someone who really knows their stuff when it comes to all things GA. Recently, with so many clients choosing to commit fully to GA, I thought it would be a good move on my part to make sure I can stay on top of all the things I needed to know. I dropped Alex an email asking him four simple questions, but what I got back was a plethora of information that I feel is great stuff that everyone should know at a basic level. So here goes: QUESTION ONE: Are there any blogs/sites that I should read on a regular basis? Ours of course! Luna Metrics Blog Official blog: Google Analytics Blog Two major thought leaders (who now work for Google): Avinash Kaushik Justin Cutroni Big blogs in industry: Kiss Metrics Cardinal Path Analytics Pros Search Engine Watch Analytics QUESTION TWO: Are there any pre-built reports that I should always have? There is now a whole new gallery of reports that other people have built for the Customization section of GA. Youll find this gallery here: GA Report Gallery I would go and create a bunch of customAdvanced Segments that you know youre always going to use. Always create a segment for your branded/non-branded Paid keywords. (Make sure that AdWords is connected properly between GA and AdWords.) Also, create segments for specific referrals that you care about, or specific host names if there are more than one website tracking into the same property. QUESTION THREE: Are there certain things I should always look for in GA? As mentioned, make sure that AdWords is connected and sharing the right data. Make sure that you have a view (profile) that is just for unfiltered data, and I always create a view forconverted by

2. testing. This way you can experiment with advanced filters without breaking anything in your historic data. Also, youll want to make sure that at least some Goals are turned on! So many people use GA without having Goals setup. And Goals can have values if you dont have an actual value, just make one up! It enables a few more metrics in the reports like Page Value, which can be a great comparison metric. Make sure site search is turned on for your website and that you dont have self-refferals going on. Make sure that if you have multiple domains tracking into the same property, that you prepend the host name to the page paths, using an advanced filter. Youll find plenty of information about how to do that if you Google prepend host name advanced filter GA, or something similar. You might not have to do it though, so ONLY do it if you have multiple page paths showing up as /, for example, when you have the host name secondary dimension applied in the page path report. Make sure that youre properly filtering out your internal traffic, and that you are lower casing all your page paths and (probably) campaign information. Test out your filters in the test view before you take the dive with the main view. QUESTION FOUR: Are there certain nuances about GA that I need to know about that only experience can tell? Sure there are! A big one is to understand the conceptual difference between the Audience/Acquisition reports, which are based on visits/sessions, and the Behavior reports, which are based on page views. Also, understand that Advanced Segments are based on sessions, which means that when you create an advanced segment that says, traffic only to this page, youll actually be seeing visits that included traffic to that page. Its an important distinction a lot of people get wrong. Finally, you need to understand sampling, especially since youre dealing with large websites. Understand what it is, how it changes your data, and techniques to avoid seeing sampling in your reports. Check here for more info: Solutions to Google Analytics Sampling Problems Thanks again to Alex for providing this great insight on how a someone can quickly ramp up, know where to go in order to stay current with what is going on in GA Land, and know what to look for when creating a report GREAT STUFF!:stsPdtalR oe e Googles Real Time Google Analytics, Um, Not Really. Ranking Is A DECISION Transparent with my SEO Strategies? Bullshit! How Human Raters Affect Your Rankings in Google Sometimes, Even a Number One Ranking in Google isnt Enough to Keep Your Client Tags: Google, Google Analytics Category: Google, SEO, Trafficeircb b s u S If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it.ylpaee e a R vL Name ( required )Email ( required; will not be published )Websiteconverted by 3. SUBMIT COMMENT Ranking Is A DECISIONSubscribe Follow Us OnlineLatest Thoughts Getting started with Google Analytics Ranking Is A DECISION Freelancer SEO Guide Content Strategy Consulting Social Activity Equals Traffic, but Doesnt Help in the SERPS F Google and Their No Follow Bullshit Linking Guidelines SEO Client Fired Me Today, What A Relief!Pages About Clients Served Contact ServicesTop SEO Posts Getting started with Google Analytics Im certainly no expert at Google Analytics, but recognize that many people and businesses use it as their tool of choice for reporting. I also happen to be friends with one of the best kept secrets of someone who really knows their stuff when it comes to all things GA. Recently, with so many clients []Freelancer SEO Guide Had a conversation with a colleague who said that they really didnt care much for my blogging style. It might be abrasive, and thats done on purpose. There are plenty of SEO sites where everything is rainbows and unicorns and we are all one big happy family. Heres what I think about that: But, Ive []Categories Select Category Copyright 2007 - 2013 RankSurge. All rights reserved.converted by


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