Edu 370 technology how to make pancakes 2.22.2014

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Text of Edu 370 technology how to make pancakes 2.22.2014

  • How to Make Pancakes:A Visual Demonstration by ShelbyHere is an ode to Pancakes, and all their glorious deliciousness!

  • What youll need:Non-Stick SkilletPancake MixWater or MilkSpatulaSyrupPlates and ForksPeople to enjoy it with!

  • First Step:Get out your Pancake Mix! (I personally like Krusteaze Brand, but whatever you enjoy works!)

  • Step two:Mix equal parts pancake mix and water in a large mixing bowl.Stir until smooth and creamy

  • Step Three:Pre-heat your Non-Stick Pan or skillet. (A good test is to flick water on it, if it sizzles your ready!)

  • Step Four:With a spoon, poor about cups worth of mixture into the middle of your pan. (For smaller pancakes use less, for larger ones use more)

  • When the edges of your pancake start to look dry and you have a lot of bubbles on top, its time to flip your cake!

  • Step five: After 2-2 mins for each side, on medium heat, pancakes should be done!! Flip them over, then dish up with butter and syrup!

  • Hope this was helpful and informative! ENJOY!

  • Citations:All the images found in this presentation were and are mine, I have taken them over the years and they belong to me, Shelby Williams.