Earn Extra Cash on Black Friday

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Tips to take advantage of thanksgiving weekend and offer a Black Friday deal so attractive it will drive many customers to your business.


  • 1. Step by Step Guide onHow to Throw a Successful Black Friday Sale!

2. Whats Black Friday Black Friday is the name given to the day after Thanksgiving. This day is known to be the first day of holiday shopping season withlow prices, big deals and even bigger crowds. Regardless of your business, you should take advantage of this great opportunity and offer a Black Friday deal so attractive it will drive many customers to your business. 3. Choose your deal

  • Choose 1 or 2 products or services (Your most popular items) and set them at an extremely discounted price.
  • Market this as the biggest sale you are doing this year.

4. Get Creative!

  • Most Black Friday deals are seen at clothing and electronics stores but lets say you dont own either Get Creative!
  • If you own a Restaurant, offer Black Friday shopping break specials.
  • Own a spa or hair salon? Offer a scalp massage or feet massage for shopping breaks.
  • How about a day care? Why not open early on Friday and offer special baby sitting rates during the sale.

5. Set a limit

  • One great tip is to set a limit on the amount of products you will be offering for sale that day. This could help get people at the door earlier, so as to take advantage of deals.
  • Dont forget to set other smaller discounts around the store, which will be necessary once you run out of your bigger discounted items.

6. Stock

  • Make sure to stock up on your sale products ahead of time.
  • At the same time, set realistic goals and do not over-stock.
  • If you run out of a product offer, call the client as soon as the product becomes available again.

7. Advertise

  • Advertise your discounts ahead of time.
  • Put an ad in your local paper.
  • Use LOW-COST advertisement: Social media, Craigslist and signs all around your store.

8. Organize

  • You will get a bigger than usual crowd on Black Friday so make sure to be ready for it.
  • If there is a crowd waiting at the door, go outside and give people numbers in order of arrival and only let a few people in at a time.
  • Organize lanes outside your store
  • Keep extra staff on-call, you might need last minute help.
  • If you think you will be getting a big crowd think of hiring security ahead of time. They could help you out with all of the above while you take care of your costumers.

9. Relax, Smile and Be Friendly

  • Relaxthe day before, most sales begin as early as 12:01 on Friday , so remember to open your door early.
  • Smile , most people there will be 1 sttime visitors, so give a good impression. Remember that this is the first day of holiday shopping so there is more to shopping to be done.
  • Be friendly ,create contacts and costumers for the future, get their email addresses and offer to let them know next time you will have a sale.

10. Repeat

  • Saturday:This year will be the first official Small Business Saturday, a day when the community is encouraged to go out, shop and support their local small business.LEARN MORE . (hyperlink)
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