Create Froms with Google Docs

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How to create and manage forms (excel, presentation, etc.) using Google Docs.


  • 1. Form Creation
    Google Docs User Guide
    Emie Cabanela

2. Getting Started
3. Simply Sign-in with your Google Account.
4. If you use Gmail, you already has an account.
5. No Google Account? Then, Create an Account.
6. Go to Docs list/Documents
7. Click the Create new drop down menu.
8. Select Document
9. You can now start working on your document.
10. Click the Save button as you are working on your document.
11. Entera name for the document.
Click in the box beside Google Docs.
12. Type the name of the document.
13. Click OK.
14. Youll see your document in your Docs list.
15. Saving a local copy of the document
16. Open your document.
17. Click the File menu.
18. Point your mouse to the Download as option.
19. Select file type and click OK.
20. Save your file in your folders or desktop.
21. Uploading the Document
22. Click the Upload button
23. Select the Document to upload.
24. Find your document to upload.
25. Click Open.
26. You can select more files.
27. Click Start Upload.
28. Wait for the document to be uploaded.
29. You can upload more files.
30. Inserting Images
31. Click the Insert Drop down menu.
32. Select Image.
33. Choose the kind of Image that you want to upload on the document.
34. 35. Adding Comments
36. Place the cursor where youd like your comments
to appear.
37. Click the Insert drop down menu.
38. Select the comment icon.
39. Type your comment in the box that appears.
40. To delete a comment, simply click the trash icon from the comment box.
41. Inserting Links
42. Click anywhere on your document where you want your link to appear.
43. Click Insert drop down menu.
44. Select Link.
45. Or click the Link icon in the toolbar.
46. The Edit Link window will appear.
47. Type the text that youd like to be displayed on the Link.
48. Or leave this field blank if you want the full Link to be displayed on your document.
49. Select either Web Address or E-mail Address.
50. Enter the URL in the second text box.
51. Click OK.
52. 53. Sharing your Document
54. From the Docs List,
55. the check box next to the document that you want to share.
56. Click the Share drop down menu.
57. Select Share Settings
58. Under Add People type the email address of peopleyou want to share your document with.
59. Under Add People type the email address of peopleyou want to share your document with.
60. You can also choose from your List of Contacts.
61. Select Can View or Can Edit from the drop-down menu.
62. You may add some message.
63. Click Share
64. To skip sending an invitation, deselect the option Send email notification.
65. 66. See who has access to your document at the Sharing Setting Dialog,
67. ..change how much access people have,
68. 69. ..remove editors and viewers,
70. 71. ..and change your documents visibility option.
72. Click the Share drop-down menu.
73. Printing
74. From the document youd like to print, select File
75. Then Print
76. A .pdf will appear with a dialog box ready for printing.
77. Then, click Print at the bottom of the window.
78. You can create other Form and do the same.