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  • Ones Product Catalogue IES Aramo C/Coronel Aranda ,33005, Oviedo 985231410

FOOD Pat de oricios:-The delicious and famous pat de oricios from Asturias.-Handmade and ideal to accompany whith toast.-Ingredients: oricios, hake, butter, tomato, eggs, natural spices and salt.PVP: 4,28 per unit (100g)Ref: A1.1 Chorizo a la sidra:-Authentic premium quality Asturian chorizo, prepared with cider.-Ready to heat and enjoy a dish of our cuisine.PVP: 3,56 per unit(320 gr)Ref:A1.2 my!yum m mm Cua de queso cabrales:- Blue cheese. Within the process include the special character that givesthis cheese ripening in natural caves in the Picos de Europa.It is coveredby PDO since 1981 and was the first of the Asturian cheeses to get thisaccreditation- Ingredients: cow , sheep and goat milkPresented in pieces of 350 gr.PVP: 8,58 per unitRef:A1.3 Fabada:-Table of Asturian bean stew prepared with quality ingredients, ideal for two servings.-The kit includes: fabas, bacon, ham, chorizo and black pudding, and the recipe of authentic Asturian bean stew.PVP: 6.05 per unit (2 portions) Ref:A1.4 Sidra: - Pack of 2 bottles of Asturian Natural Cider. - One of the best cider in Asturias, which is backed by his repeated proclamation of the year as best cider in the famous "Cider First Test of the Season".PVP: 7, 42 (pack 2 bottles)Ref:A1.5 Dulce de manzana:PVP: 2,30 (400 g) -Delicious fresh artisanprepared based on apple andPresented in a 400 gr plastic box sugar. Light brown (there is nocoloring), has an intense flavorsugar apple.Ref: A1.6- Ideal as a topping for dessertsor by itself as a dessert or fruitsubstitute, his court is easy,and not sticky on the palate. - Ingredients: selected applesand sugar. Casadielles:-The most traditional Asturian desserts .- Ingredients: wheat douh waterand butter, with walnuts,hazelnuts, anise and sugar.Presented in boxes with 12 or 6 unitseach.PVP: 8,68 (1 dozen)- 4,95 (1/2 dozen)Ref: A1.7 Carajitos: -Typical handmade pastries fromAsturias -Ingredients: hazelnut, eggs,honey and sugar.PVP: 5,42 (350g )Ref: A1.8 Marauelas:-Sweet typical Spaniard, handmade in the traditional way, with flour, sugar, eggs, butter, cooked and grated lemon driver.- The highest quality raw materials that compose it and their careful preparation will provide a distinctive flavor that makes it a delicious sweet on the palate.PVP: 6,04 (1 dozen)- 3,63 (1/2 dozen)Ref: A1.9 Asturian crafts Colgante de triskel:-Triskel is an ancient symbol made up of three circles which is connected to the sun, life, etc-Here, you have a beautiful pendant with Celtic mythology symbols .-Made out of metalPVP: 4 (for pendant)Ref:Ar.1 Imn de vaca:-The cow is a typical animal from Asturias and we have lots of produtsrelated with it.- Here, we offer a beautiful magnet to decorate your fridge.PVP: 1,50 (1 magnet)Ref:Ar.2 Lpiz de vaca:- Pencil with funny cows on their top.- Ideal for class and to have luck in your exams.PVP: 2 eachRef: Ar.3 Cesta:- Typical Asturian traditional basket (cheese not included)- Size 25 X 18 X 9 cm. PVP: 8 Ref: Ar.4 -VAT included in all the products.-The cost of transport is not included.-For more information please