Cake icing

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A possible lesson on decorating cakes; the first in a 3 part presentation including hands on demo/activity

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  • 1. Brief History
    Start on types of Icing: Fondant
    Cake Icing

2. Mid 17th century
Displays at wealthy aristocratic banquettes
3. Mid 19th century
French begin serving desserts
4. 1840s
Temperature controlled ovens
5. Wilton Enterprises
1929 Wilton advertises for chefs and bakers
6. Wilton Enterprises
1947- begin promoting their own line of baking products
7. Wilton Enterprises
1960s Wilton Method becomes stand-by method for cake decorating
8. Wilton Enterprises
1983 Wilton merged with Copco kitchenware
9. Wilton Enterprises
1991 Wilton merged with Rowoco creating Wilton Industries
10. Three types of icing:
11. Butter cream
12. Chocolate
13. Fondant
14. FondantIngredients
2 pounds confectioners sugar, sifted
15. Fondant Ingredients
cup cold water
16. Fondant Ingredients
1 tablespoon unflavored gelatin
17. Fondant Ingredients
cup glucose or white corn syrup
18. Fondant Ingredients
1 tablespoons glycerine
19. Fondant Ingredients
1 teaspoon desired flavoring
20. Fondant Ingredients
21. Trim and smooth out your cake before applying
The cake will need to be completely flat.
22. Using frosting, secure the cake to your board so that it will not move around while you are icing it.
23. Apply a buttercream base to smooth out any imperfections in the cake such as crumbs or low spots
24. Let the cake sit in the refrigerator so that the surface will slightly harden. It is recommended to let the cake cool for at least 24 hours before applying fondant.
25. Knead the fondant until it becomes the consistency of clay and use a rolling pin to flatten it out to about 1/4" or so.
26. Dust the rolling pin and work surface with confectioners sugar to prevent sticking.
27. Apply the fondant to your cake with the shiny side facing up.
28. Using your hands or a smoothing tool, smooth out the fondant starting from the center and working your way out.
29. Trim any excess fondant from the bottom of the cake.
30. Decorating with fondant
Decorate with fondant shapes, paint, stencils, ribbons, etc.
31. To attach dried fondant shapes to a fondant cake, make the following recipe:
1 oz. ready-to-use fondant and 1/4 teaspoon cold tap water.
Knead the water into fondant until it becomes softened and sticky.
Brush the mixture onto the back of the dried fondant decoration and attach to cake.
32. Enjoy!