Beading ideas make your own statement necklace in a distinctive way

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  • Beading Ideas-Make Your Own Statement Necklace

    in a Distinctive Way

    Making your own statement necklace is not

    complicated but can be a bit time-consuming. However,

    what if you find a more artful method? In the ensuing

    beading ideas, we combine all sorts of beads; you may

    determine the hue deliberately or simply gather

    together all leftovers from other projects.

    Assorted Beads

    Bead Tip

    Crimp Bead


    Lobster Claw Clasp

    0.3mm Tiger Tail Wire

    Side Cutting Pliers

    Flat Nose Pliers

    How to make your own statement necklace?

    Step 1: Preparation

    1st, cut 3 strands of 50cm long wire;

    2nd, slide one bead tip and one crimp bead through all

    three wires;

    3rd, go back through the crimp with the wires;

    4th, clamp the crimp bead and then the bead tip.

    Getting new beading ideas on how to make your own statement necklace are sometimes an easy to find.

    In this tutorial, we will teach you an easy way that youve never thought of!

    Supplies used in the beading ideas:

  • Step 2: Slide on the beads

    3rd, attach a bead tip with crimp bead at other end

    as before.

    Step 3: Add on the clasp

    With these beading ideas, cute wooden beads are a fit companion to play up the entire necklace,

    and so do the bright but light acrylic beads. Just make your own statement necklace and have fun!

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    1st, on 3 wire strands, feed on the collected beads

    randomly without any pattern;

    2nd, braid the 3 beaded strands 4~5 times;

    Hook a medium-sized lobster claw clasp and

    matching jumpring to two ends as closure.

    So, there it is!


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