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Bad Eating, Good Eating

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My very first Slideshare experiment. Still very surprised by the results- thanks for making it Presentation of the Day!

Text of Bad Eating, Good Eating

  • 1.The erratic eating habits of Katrina Yulo!

2. +!I grew up with two brothers, no sisters. My Dad was a better cook than my Mom was. This resulted in a love for sweets and meat. 3. And eventually learn to fend for themselves in the kitchen. I decided to learn the one thing my Dad couldnt do: bake. Freshly-madesweets became more appealing to me. 4. As the only daughter, I felt obligated to learn how to cook. I was taught that decent meals were still steaks, chops, ribs, and roasts. 5. My family lovedman meals but I decided to trycooking other things,to the dismayof my brothers. ADD VARIETY! KILL MONOTONY! Meat meant porkand beef. The wordschicken and fish didnot exist in their vocabularies. I had to do something. 6. BALANCE THE OLDAND THE NEW !IN THE ONGOINGEFFORT!TO STAY ! ALIVE.!~A Revolution in Eating! I knew if I didnt change my eating habits, my health would suffer. I had to try. I had to stop eating like a 250-pound guy trapped in a little girls body. 7. THE AGE OF! CULINARY! EXPLORATION! I gave up on converting the two and starting trying new things on my own. I discovered I actually did like some vegetables, with other things, of course. Youll never catch me eating eggplants or boiled carrots. I love shrimp and salmon. 8. NOT SO NUTS ! ABOUT BEING! A HEALTH NUT! My friends tried to fullyconvert me to allthings whole-grain, low-fat, low-calorie,and sugar-free. Itwas awful. Refreshing for a while, but not something I couldstand for too long. 9. So I bounce back and forth.OLD HABITS !DIE HARD! 10. THE QUEST FOR ! THAT HAPPY ! MEDIUM! When I start to feel guilty, I try incorporating other things into my diet, like dairy. Yogurt and cheese became staples. So did milkshakes and ice cream. 11. LEARNING HOW! TO SOFTEN THE BLOW! To lessen the meat I eat, I have rice. Lots of it. All kinds.Fried rice, Risotto, Paella,good ol Japanese rice. Rice puddiokay,not rice pudding. 12. SWEETS ! TO BEAT! If I couldnt standeating vegetables, Id end up eatingfruit. Bananas andstrawberries get me every time. 13. BUT SOMETIMES! I REALLY JUST CANT! HELP MYSELF.! Thank God for chocolate.Account Planning with Cameron Maddux Fall 2008!

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