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  • 1. A Chilly Year At School By Kadence Lineman Josh Jeffrey

2. Great penguin statue A 11 year old penguin boy named Slick, lived in a small igloo, there is only a kitchen, and a living room. He lives in Antarctica by a penguin shaped rock. 5 miles away from the ocean. 3. His school is 5 miles away for the ocean. 4. His mom waddled him to his new middle school called Spring High. 5. He told his mom to bring rotten fish to school. He put the fish all over ,the teacher walked in and yelled ,who did this!? 6. The next day he tried a heater but that did not work because there were no plugs. 7. And one of the giraffes mothers came to school and left a note on the teachers desk for him to tell giraffes and it send were going to Hawaii. And they lived happily ever after. But Joe ended up getting picked on. 8. Fluffy the Chicks Adventure Claire Weber Cooper Norris Naomi Broker 9. Once upon a time, there was a chick named Fluffy. She had blue eyes and golden fur. One day Fluffy was with her family and saw a light and . She went for towards the light. She realized it was just the sun .By the time she got back, her family was gone. They were heading towards the farm. 10. She saw a red fox named Nikki. Fluffy asked Nikki if she knew where the farm was. Nikki said, No. She kept on walking and suddenly spotted a deer named Alec. He had brown fur and a white tail. Fluffy asked Alec if he knew where the farm was. He said, No. Suddenly, Fluffy heard an oinking sound. She went closer and closer to the sound and saw a pink pig named Snorty. 11. Fluffy asked Snorty, Do you know where the farm is? Snorty said, Yes, I know where the farm is! so Snorty lead the way to the farm. Fluffy was jumping for joy! When Fluffy saw her family she quickly ran up to them and gave them all a hug. Fluffy was so excited that she could burst into cottan candy. She ran up to Snorty and thanked him for showing her the way to the farm. 12. IM STUCK Kaitlyn Pagels Reagan Kjeldgaard Kate Campos Eastyn Oberembt 13. Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Oops didnt see you there. I got my new high heels stuck in gum. 14. So it started when Papa was at massage zone. 15. Then clumzy found a store. 16. Then Clumzy ate chinese food & got sick! Then smurfett & papa were there just in time for Gargmel & the cat came. 17. Then clumzy got stuck in a bag of chips and gargamel tries to zap him and clumzy got scared and hid in a bag of chips. 18. Then there was an Easter egg hunt and everyone had fun finding the Easter eggs. 19. Then clumzy tried to ride a bunny he rides to the beach 20. Then clumzy tried to ride a bunny he laughed the whole way and fell off the bunny 21. Then clumsy walked to a beach and found a trash can and found something and the something was a unicorn but he didnt know. And climbed to the top and fell in. And a fish was in there and a cat jumped in and ate the fish.Clumzy got on the cat and the jumped out. 22. MEGGEN S PROBLEM By Martha Mossman Maebh Young Cecilia Wiedel 23. One summer morning a rabbit with black and white spots named meggen was gathering carrots. 24. And she came back she was so tired that she fell into a deep sleep in her den . While she was sleeping , she heard a thump ,thump, thump. 25. Meggen woke up immediately and saw George the vicious black bear. 26. First she tried digging her way out but that didnt work ! Secondly she tried distracting the bear. And then she got very scared cause that didnt work. 27. edtrrfsSecondly she tried distracting the bear then she got very scared cause that didnt work. 28. Meggen asked if George was hungry and George said thats why im digging up your den Meggen asked if do you want some of my carrots And George said yes. Do you want some carrots? Yes 29. But the neighbors thought it was weird that the two used to be enemies and now they best friends 30. No mud A Author Vincent Bui Illustratred by sean Rodrigo and leo Pinkmin 31. The rainy day! 32. Cocka doodle doo Pig steve wakes up and on a hot day Too hard Pig steve tries to jump in the mud he meets a dog he tries to get water but the dog is too sick 33. All the barn animals wake up and go crazy because pig Steve was to loud 34. surprise The cat shares his water with the pig.the pig puts the water with the pig 35. Pig steve is soo surprised and a cat walks along finally 36. The Big Game Morgan Armagost Caiden Carlin Nick Hruby 37. There once was a fox named Foxe and a beaver named Beave and a bunny named Peter . We are in a basketball game. 38. They shoot a 3 and make it . We are up by one .We get fowled we make one free throw . 39. They have the ball they shoot a 2 and make it. 40. We dunk it. They shoot it and make it. 41. We shoot 2 and make it. But then they shoot 3 and make it this is a bad but then we shot a 2 and get fouled we make the and 1 and they shoot a 3 and they are up by 2 and there are 0 .8 seconds and we shoot a half court shot and win by 1. 42. We win the game !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 43. The Furry Adventures of Herald By Sarah Lang Caleb OBrien Noah Hunt 44. One sunny Tuesday Harld was going to a job interview with his owner Jane at the Omaha Zoo. 45. Harld is a hamster who has a cool black ring around his eye and he wants to go on a adventure . He didt want want to go to the interview so he thought to himself There are thousands of animals in the Zoo I bet I could find a friend. 46. So he jumped out of his cage and he ran into the penguin exhibit as fast as a cheetah. He saw all the penguins and tried to run as hard as he can to the glass and break it. Then he found the door and he tried to squeeze through the door crack. He saw the zoo keeper use the shiny things to unlock the door. Harold went over to him and he quietly stole the keys and unlocked the door and found Topper the only I mean only chin strap penguin in the entire zoo. 47. And hefinjly went on that odventer he always dreamed abiout with toper 48. The Helpful Spider 49. One summer day in Wooky woods a family of chipmunks were playing outside. 50. Whee!, said Chocolate Chip .Chocolate is the baby of the family. 51. Shhsaid Chicky Chip.You have to be quiet so they dont find us. 52. Oh no! The acorns fell down the hill. Mom and dad are going to be mad. 53. What was that Chicky .Look the acorns are falling lets go get them.I have an idea!Lets try wagons.Well that didn`t work. 54. I have got an other idea! A machine! But that didn`t work. 55. So you need help,huh? Because I have a few tricks up my sleeve.Whats all this I see. said the parents. 56. I have an idea said Slider Spider . I`ll use my sliders. bing bang bong it worked! 57. Yeah! It worked. How can we thank you anymore? No thanks nesesare . Thank you and Chicky you are grounded! Okay! 58. THE HUNT OF THE EASTER BUNNY BY CADYNCE RICHMOND JOSEPH STEFFEN AND KOURTNEY LE 59. THIS IS THE STORY OF HOW JOE , CADY, AND KOURTNEY ARE TRYING TO FIND THE WELL READ THE REST OF THE STORY TO FIND OUT. 60. Lets go and look for the Easter Bunny. Said Kourtney. First we have to go get Joe. Said Cady. Oh wait Joe is here. 61. When JOE , CADY ,and KOURTNEY found a trail of candy . JOE was super exited! They stared to collet candy and more, and more. CADY thought she could get a 10 gallon bag and put all of the candy in it! Kourtney laughed so hard that she fell on the ground and JOE almost took her candy bag. And they found a candy factory and they opened the door and.. 62. welcome When they went up to the factory they walked in and saw the Easter Bunny. They started to walk towards it and. 63. welcome . A CHOCOLATE SNAKE BIT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 64. They went to Atlanta, Georgia and told their family that the Easter Bunny is real! 65. THE LAST PUZZLE PIECE 66. On a hot summer sunny day, there was a silly boy named Jake and a funny girl named Emma. Jake has dark black hair, brown eyes, and is 9 years old. Emma has shiny blond hair, pearl blue eyes, and is 6 years old. 67. Emma and Jake were bored so they dicided to do a puzzle. The puzzle box said 100 pieces , but when they but when they put it only had 99 pieces. They asked their mom, Where the last place she did it. she said, At the park on the bench. 68. They called all their friends to meet at the park. They looked at bench and it was not there. So they told their mom, that they could not find it. She said, that a friend barrowed it. Their mom said , that she works at Toys-R-Us 69. Their mom said, that they could go to the store, to look for their friend to ask if she has the puzzle piece. There red car 70. They asked their mom what she looked like. She has red hair, green eyes, and is 41 years old and her name is Rose. They asked the manager were Rose was .He said , he said aisle 8. 71. They found her by the puzzles. She said, What are you looking for? They said,A lost puzzle piece. She said,I have a piece in my pocket. Emma said, What kind of piece? Rose said, A balloon piece. Jake said, That is not he right piece. 72. So they went back to the park, and Emma and Jake went to the sand box to play. They started digging, and Emma saw a plane wing piece and it was the piece that they were missing!!! They picked it up and went home to see if it fit. 73. So they went back to the park, and Emma and Jake went to the sand box to play. They started digging, and Emma saw a plane wing piece and it was the piece that they were missing!!! They picked it up and went home to see if it fit. 74. The Lost Puppy BY Brian, Morgan, and Izzi. 75. It was a clouddy evening and a golden puppy named Fluffy was on the streets looking for a home. 76. First he tried to jump in a car 77. Then he tries to mail himself . Last he looks for somone to help him. 78. He finds a black cat with green eyes named Joy. Then Joy asked Fluffy if he had a home? Fluffy said No. So J