5 Simple Steps to make Solar Panels

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5 Simple Steps to make Solar Panels


  • 1. 5 Simple Steps to Building the Solar PanelClick Here for Step By Step Video Tutorials This is the chapter that teaches you the technique to make your ownSolar Panel! Just read on follow the easy nuggets of information in stepby step lessons and getting the right tools ready for your energyconservation needs. Before we start though keep in mind whileoutsourcing the materials it should not cost you more than $200 or$300. Shop sensibly for raw material.A. Steps to Building the Solar Panel:We will take you through 5 easy to follow and understand steps tomake the 60s dream a reality!I. Copper or PVC:You can make your own Solar Panels from scratch with buying a squareSheet of copper or buying a readymade panel worth around $100.

2. Click Here for Step By Step Video Tutorialsii. Battery:Buy yourself some 12 volt rechargeable acid batteries these should beDeep cycle to work best. The cheap batteries will cost between $30 -$50.iii. The Box:Buy a battery box to put your batteries in to protect them fromextreme weather and dust. 3. Click Here for Step By Step Video Tutorialsiv. DC Input:Buy yourself a DC input from any hardware store. Should not cost youmore than $10.or you can source this from house hold appliances lyingaround like fans, hairdryers etc.v. Attaching the Meter:You can attach the DC Input meter to the top of the battery box byusing any standard drill, though handle with caution. After that wediscuss the wiring in the next sub topic, just ensure you followed all thesteps till here correctly and you have the right equipment.B. Wiring Plans:Connect the insulated wires to the battery first. You do this bywrapping the wire tightly against the 4. Click Here for Step By Step Video TutorialsNegative wingnut first and then the Positive wingnut or terminal.Repeat the procedure for the DC connector, -ive first and +ive next.Last connect the Solar Panel you created or bought to the insulatedwire in a similar way. This Connects the Solar Panel to the battery andthe battery to the DC outlet. Where you can attach any electricappliance for usage.C: Mounting and Conservation:By this step your work is done! Just close the lid of the battery box andsecurely place the solar panel on the roof or in the garden, where everyou can get more sunlight for longer! Choose the spot well. Lay out thecable and secure the battery box next. It usually takes 5 or 6 hours tocharge a new or empty battery and itll take at least a couple of hoursof sunlight to charge the battery again. 5. Click Here for Step By Step Video TutorialsD: Energy EfficientAgain, we cannot stress enough the importance of energy conservationtoday. And the one panel may not be enough to fulfill all your energyneeds but take this as a starting point a testing phase and build on it.Easy as that and you can be energy resourceful in yourself and a tadfree of the energy producing giants. A step in the right direction indeed!