5 Easy Test For Maintaining Garage Doors

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  • 5 Easy Tests For Maintaining Garage Doors

    Garage doors are an important element of every home and requires thorough maintenance at

    least twice a year to work efficiently. Some door maintenance repairs can be easily achieved by

    homeowners whereas others may require skilled professionals. If one doesn't feel comfortable

    working with these giant doors then, professional garage door service providers can be hired.

    Though maintenance can be offered with gaps, inspection should be done on a monthly basis to

    check for any improper working door element to avoid the chances of injury.

    Few Monthly Tests To Be Performed Are:

    1. Monthly visual inspection: To offer monthly inspection, stand inside the garage and close

    the garage door. Then inspect the door springs, cables, rollers, hinges and other hardware for any

    damage or worn out signs. If the hardwares such as nuts and bolts are loose, tighten them. If the

    door is making noise, check the base and tracks to see, if some external element is causing any


    2. Monthly door balance test: If a garage door is an automatic one, it will surely be composed

    of an automatic opener system. To test the door balance, close the door and disconnect it from

    the automatic opener. Pull the pulley to lift the door manually. If its moving up smoothly with little

    resistance, then every thing is going perfect. But if you have to use full force to lift it up and after

    leaving it, it comes crashing down, then the door is out of balance. You need to call an overhead

    door repair technician to get it repaired.

    3. Monthly reverse mechanism test: To test the operating mechanism, open the door and lay

    a piece of wood on the floor. After this, close the door. If the door reverses back after touching

    the wood piece, then its reverse mechanism is operating perfectly. But if the door doesn't reverse

    back, there is need to get it inspected by garage door maintenance and repair professionals



  • 4. Monthly photo eye test: Photo eye mechanisms are achieved through photo eyes installed

    near the door corners on the floor. Open the door and then, close it. When it's on the way down,

    wave an object that can break the beam of photo eye. If the door reverses up, everything is

    alright. But if it doesn't, call a repair technician.

    5. Monthly force setting test: This type of inspection test should be done with non-automatic

    doors. To move with this test, open and close the door. While its closing, push it upwards with full

    force. If it reverses, then it's working properly. If this doesn't happen and the door comes down,

    get it repaired through trained professionals.

    These were the few easy tests which should be done on a monthly basis to inspect the

    performance of an overhead door. Calgary Garage Doors is a renowned company that offers

    reliable garage door cable, opener, spring installation and maintenance services including 24

    hours emergency repair solutions in Calgary.



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