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Science In Everyday Life ( About how we use Science In Daily Life ) Want more slides Follow me on --> Made by --> Ansh Class --> 9th


<ul><li> Science in Everyday life </li> <li> . </li> <li> Soap is science because of the chemistry of the ingredients and bubbly reaction with water. </li> <li> Medicine is an excellent example of science in everyday life. It has changed the way we think about health. </li> <li> Fire and the mechanics of a lighter is an example of physics and invention. </li> <li> The fan is an example of forces and motion and the light is an example of electricity and the famous scientists/inventor Thomas Edison </li> <li> Ice represents phase changes between liquid (water) and solid (ice). </li> <li> Cars are a great example of mechanics and forces and motion. </li> <li> So many branches of science can be explored by studying the sun. The sun is a key actor in astronomy, food chains, and photosynthesis </li> <li> The gears and mechanics of the bicycle is a wonderful example of physics and motion. </li> <li> Plants are an example of ecosystems, producers, biology, and environmental science. </li> <li> Humans are present in the study of biology, medicine, and anatomy. Humans also contribute the science world with inventions and new discoveries. </li> <li> Electricity was one of biggest advancements in science that we still use today. </li> <li> A hinge on a door is an example of physical science. </li> <li> A moth is an example of biology in every day life. A moth will experience life, death, and will reproduce. </li> <li> A watch has many gears and aspects of mechanics and physical science in order to work. </li> <li> We see rust everyday which is a chemical reaction called oxidation. </li> <li> Glasses is science and an advancement in the health world. </li> <li> Cooking is full of chemistry! Also, steam is a phase change from liquid to gas. </li> </ul>