Graph drawing 13 th international symposium gd 2005 limerick ireland september 12 14 2005 revised papers pdf

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  • Graph Drawing: 13 th International Symposium, GD 2005,Limerick, Ireland, September 12-14, 2005, Revised Papers

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  • The 13th International Symposium on Graph Drawing (GD 2005) was held in Limerick, Ireland,September 12-14, 2005. One hundred and ?fteen participants from 19 countries attended GD 2005.In response to the call for papers the Program Committee received 101 subm- sions, each detailingoriginal research or a system demonstration. Each submission was reviewed by at least threeProgram Committee members; each referees c- ments were returned to the authors. Followingextensive discussions, the comm- tee accepted 38 long papers, 3 short papers and 3 long systemdemos, each of which were presented during one of the conferences 12 sessions. Eight posterswere also accepted and were on display throughout the conference. Two invited speakers, KurtMehlhorn and George Robertson, gave fascinating talks during the conference. Prof. Mehlhorn spokeon the use of minimum cycle bases for reconstructing surfaces, while Dr. Robertson gave aperspective, past and present, on the visualization of hierarchies. As is now traditional, a graphdrawing contest was held during the conference. The accompanying report, written by StephenKobourov, details this years c- test. This year a day-long workshop, organized by Seok-Hee Hongand Dorothea Wagner, was held in conjunction with the conference. A report on the Workshop onNetwork Analysis and Visualization, written by Seok-Hee Hong, is included in the proceedings.

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