Big data - from consumers and patients, to the sea and stars

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Text of Big data - from consumers and patients, to the sea and stars

  • 1. Ubiquitous, affordable devices and connectivity

2. Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity May 2011 | byJames Manyika, Michael Chui, Brad Brown, Jacques Bughin, Richard Dobbs, Charles Roxburgh, Angela Hung Byers, McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) 3. CloudBig data Aggregation Machine Learning Analytics 4. Snow White Portraits 5. 6. Kosinski, M., Stillwell D.J., Graepel T (2013) Private traits and attributes are predictable from digital records of human behavior. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).) 7. Data Acquisition & modelling Collaboration and visualisation Analysis & data mining Dissemination & sharing Archiving and preserving Data-intensive Research 8. X-Info Data ingest Managing a petabyte Common schema How to organize it How to reorganize it How to share with others Query and Vis tools Building and executing models Integrating data and Literature Documenting experiments Curation and long-term preservation The Generic Problems Experiments & Instruments Simulations Literature Other Archives facts facts facts facts Questions Answers 9. The Cloud democratizes access to scale & economies of scale 10. Genomics Revolution 11. Genomics 12. Manual Measurement Automated Measurement Sample Collection Historical Photographs Counting Ubiquitous Motes Aircraft Surveys Model Output Typing 13. Monitoring Collation Quality assurance Aggregation Analysis Reporting Forecasting Distribution Done poorly, but a few notable counter-examples Done poorly to moderately, not easy to find Sometimes done well, generally discoverable and available, but could be improved Integration (I. Zaslavsky & CSIRO, BOM, WMO) 14. Web search: open weather data azure 15. 16. World Wide Telescope 17. 18. Datacenter Edge point 19. 20. Big Data Cloud Ecosystem 21. Windows Azure for Research Group @azure4research 22. Windows Azure Urban Science Machine Learning Environmental Science Life Sciences Computer science Engineering 23. British Library Labs cloud analysis of digital catalogues, including 19th Century books scanned by Microsoft. @MechCuratorBot 24. 25. Use laptops & desktop computers Overwhelmed by data Finding analysis ever more difficult; sharing even harder