Animal Diversity

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Guess me

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Guess me


Animal diversity

What is the feature of their skin???

What do they eat????


Where do these animals live?


What is the difference between these organisms w.r.t. no. of cells.??

What is the difference?

What is the mode of their reproduction.??

Animal diversity:The animals are classified according to theirStructureEating habitNumber of cellsPresence of vertebral columnMode of reproduction

Test your progress!!Q1 :Among the following animals , aerial mode of life is seen in ________

A . PenguinB . ParrotC . fish

Q2_________ is a unicellular animal.

a. Amoebab. Hydrac. Human

Q3 cockroach and earthworm are the examples of________

A. Unicellularb. Invertebratec. aquatic

q.4 what do we call the animals that lays egg for reproduction ?a. Viviparousb. oviparousc. none