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Washi Tape Wholesale Online

Can you imagine that there is a revolution has taken place which is originated from rice paper? This revolution was started in 1923 by Kamoi Kakoshi to decorate the cars and the furniture and today this revolution is experiencing more and more. This was first introduced in Japan and the popularity of its spreading at an outstanding scale. Now one question is arising in our mind and that is what this washi tape is and what the uses of this tape are. This is a type of tape which is mostly used for sticking, rapping, painting and many more purposes. The innovative multiple design and sparkling color of its make the objects very much attractive and mind-blowing. To make the craft items different and smart by the exciting patterns of Wasi tape make it use of.

Wasi tape is altered from the rice paper simply and thousand of patterns are developed with radiant color for decoration. It is semi translucent with the strong outlook, but easy to tear. It has water and heat protection, quality and for this quality it is using at high rate to attach on the walls of bathroom, drawers, kitchen and those places where water and heat can destroy the rich design which are costly. But washi tape can easily protect them and minimize the extra cost with special design. The using and fixing procedure of its very easy.

The adhesive power of this rice paper support itself for easy and comfort attach to the plastic, metal, glass, wood and any other surface. The strong temperament does not leave any glue dirty to the surface where it was attached. For this special quality it can be used of the countable times term by term. As a result if there occurs any inaccuracy to attach the surface one can easily remove the tape from the surface without any hamper of the surface and the tape cause it has a strong adhesive power which is specially transformed from the characteristics of rice paper.

The outstanding number of pattern and color of this tape helps the user at customizing level. Suppose that you stuck a pattern with special color in your glass door or transparent plastic particle, but the beauty is not suiting your eye. Then easily go forward, remove it and attach another from the endless design and color. This removs never damages your object as well as itself.

For the demand of time and for cost minimize wholesale of wasi tape is highly suggested. When you feel that a small quantity of this tape is required by you then you going to buy it.. Because you cannot ignore the valuable aspects of it. But you can minimize your cost by applying wholesale. For gift wrapping, mugs and cups, vases greeting cards and many more purposes you can easily and swiftly use the wasi paper for innovative out looking and there wholesale can help you as economic decision for long term use and to avoid additional labor. Then your surroundings will full of smart covered objects and furnished mind.

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