Scaling Content Marketing With Social Selling: Your Voice, Multiplied By 100

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Scaling Content Marketing With Social Selling: Your Voice, Multiplied By 100! How do you amplify your voice on social media? How do you find prospects on social media? How do you nurture those prospects with relevant content? How do you create new advocates and ambassadors and multiply the impact of your content marketing...without just pouring money into your paid media campaigns? It turns out that there are people all around you who are willing to help you scale your social media program. You just need the right tools to activate them.


<ul><li> Scaling Content Marketing With Social Selling: Your Voice, Multiplied By 100 February 2014 @rallyverse </li> <li> Amplifying the reach and impact of your content marketing isnt easy. </li> <li> Yes, youve amassed a community across multiple networks (and you probably paid to amass them ), and you connect with them regularly. </li> <li> But how do you amplify your message and your impact beyond your current borders? (Without just spending more media dollars?) </li> <li> Theres a way. </li> <li> A way that taps into resources that you already have. And does so in a way that benefits your brand and your employees. </li> <li> Social Selling </li> <li> With the right tools, you can put brand-approved content in the hands of your employees. And turn them all into advocates. </li> <li> Instead of a single voice from marketing broadcasting your brands message </li> <li> You get hundreds of brand ambassadors, all tuned to your marketing objectives and goals. </li> <li> It turns your colleagues and coworkers into force multipliers. And amplifies your marketing message. </li> <li> Why should your colleagues play along? Whats in it for them? Lots. (And this is the best part.) </li> <li> The Feel-Good Reason: Everyone likes showing some school spirit and being proud of where they work. </li> <li> The Selfish Reason: Everyone wants to look good on social media especially in front of clients, partners, and even their next employer, and theyre happy to let you help them. </li> <li> Either way, its a win-win. </li> <li> So how do you make it work? It takes three main elements. (Dont worry, Rallyverse can help.) </li> <li> Create and Aggregate Great Brand Content </li> <li> You need an easy way to curate and create the right content for your brand. And then aggregate that content for distribution. </li> <li> Use Rallyverse to select, edit and package content: </li> <li> When you collect and package your content, you can be sure to add brand friendly messages as well as images and hashtags. And you can make sure its connected to your broader strategy and themes. </li> <li> Simple Tools For Sharing </li> <li> If social media isnt your job, then you probably dont have a ton of time to find, edit and publish great content. You need one-touch tools that work from your email or mobile. </li> <li> Deliver ready-made posts in email or via mobile </li> <li> and make it easy to share across multiple social networks </li> <li> While you should provide draft messages for your team to share, theres nothing wrong with them adding their own voice and POV (provided they represent the brand appropriately). </li> <li> Measure Results </li> <li> After youve activated your team, you need to keep score on how your messages are shared. </li> <li> Measure engagement on all your messages </li> <li> Share leaderboards to motivate your team (a little competitiveness never hurt). And dig deep to see what topics and messages resonate most. </li> <li> Seem complicated? It isnt. Not with the right tools. </li> <li> Dont worry: Rallyverse can help . </li> <li> Thank You @rallyverse </li> </ul>


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