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How Financial Services Professionals Leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator

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How Financial Services Professionals Leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator


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Presenter Notes:Let participants know where the green check and red x buttons are and how to access the Participants and Q&A panels when you are sharing your browser or desktop. You can start by asking participants to hit the green check if they can hear you and see the slides okay. Another exercise you could try is to have participants chat in their role and/or where theyre from.

WebEx tools overviewInteractivity exercises

Sample Script:Please use the Q&A box on the right of your screen to send any questions you have. We have question managers on the line to help answer your questions and will have time for Q&A at the end. 2

Todays Speaker:Introduction:Jaymie Brill Regional Sales Manager, Financial Services LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Billionsof professional relationships


2B+member updates per weekLinkedIn: The Worlds Largest Professional Network


Our mission

Connect the worlds professionals to make them more productive and successful.



For Our Customers

Hire: Hiring at massive scaleMarket: The most effective way for marketers to engage professionalsSell: Connecting buyers and sellers to create meaningful relationships.6

The business environment has changed2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


75%of your audience now usessocial media to conduct researchIDC 2014 Social Buying Meets Social Selling

Network referrals

White papers

Company websites


Company pages

Your target prospects


FACT: Your target audience relies on social media when determining their needs from the financial services industry 8


Your competitor

Harvard Business Review 2014 Tweet Me, Friend Me, Make Me Buy. Decision makers are C-level90%of decision makers say they never respond to cold outreachFACT: Decision makers now ignore cold outreach.


Your competitor


Your prospects


Sales Benchmark Index FACT: 84% of new opportunities are started from a warm introduction10

LinkedIn is a really powerful tool for salesHowever, free LinkedIn is focused on your personal - not business - growthTo really tap into the power of LinkedIn, you need to expand your access to the broader LinkedIn network. With free LinkedIn, you only see 1/50th of what you could see with a premium license. And you also need to tailor your experience to just the information relevant to your sales role. 50x as much data is great, but can be overwhelming if not focused on what you care about.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator 2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.




Relationship selling leaders create 45% more opportunities per quarter than relationship selling laggards.Relationship selling leaders are 51% more likely to hit targets than relationship selling laggards.45%more opportunities51%more likely to hit targetsBased on a global study LinkedIn ran in Q4 2013 of Q3 performance for reps focused on new business and reps focused on existing business. Respondents reported performance; they were matched to their LinkedIn profiles to understand their engagement. Relationship leaders have an SSI > 70; Relationship laggards have an SSI < 30The Sales Navigator Solution Why should you care?

Sales Solutions


The Homepage

15Sales Navigator Homepage


Start by identifying targets using Lead Builder and advanced search filters to build a prospect list within seconds


Create a targeted Lead List and then filter further based on more advanced search filters


18For the First time, get Signals/Insights on people you arent connected to on LinkedIn

19Account Pages: Your GPS into companies and people you care about

Sales SolutionsGain insights and engage from anywhere



Customized Training: Recorded & tailored to your focus. Session 1: How to build your profile to attract inbound leads & how to build a high quality network. Session 2: How to find, relate & engage with prospects on LinkedIn.Ongoing Support: From your dedicated relationship manager. Dedicated Relationship Manager

Our Education Curriculum drives adoptionQuarterly HealthCheck & StrategyQuarterly Health Check: Highlight successes & opportunities for your users including training documents, videos & webinars that will increase engagement & success. Usage Reporting & Analytics: Monitor engagement, drive adoption & identify coaching opportunities to drive success at scale.

Webinars & Education PortalMonthly Live Webinars: Hosted by a LinkedIn expert from your sector to reinforce best practices. Online Education Portal: Users can access videos, trainings, tip sheets & best practices at their own leisure.

Sales SolutionsWe discussed that Sales navigator will help your reps be FIT (Focused, informed and trusted) and heres how:FocusFIND: Premium Search, Saved SearchRECEIVE: Lead Recommendations ACCESS: Extended network visibility

Stay InformedStay up-to-date: Saved leads, sales updates on leadsBE INFORMED: Saved accounts, account pages, sales updates on accounts, RESEARCH where you work: Email updates, CRM widgets

Build TrustENGAGE: Teamlink, warm introsBUILD: Premium profile, WVYPREACH: InMail

AdoptionUsage reportingAdmin controlsLearning Center

This product helps you be FIT - focused, informed, and trusted - while you build relationships with prospects and customers. But what does each of those mean as you use the tool day-to-day?FocusFind the right people faster and more easilyPremium Search, Saved SearchReceive recommendations on leads to contactLead RecommendationsAccess more people at your accountsExtended Network VisibilityStay informedStay up-to-date on the people youre interested inSaved Leads, Sales Updates on LeadsBe Informed on whats happening at your accountsSaved Accounts, Account Pages, Sales Updates on AccountsResearch prospects wherever you workCRM WidgetsDaily Insights EmailBuild trustEngage with prospects and customers through your company networkTeamLink, Warm IntrosBuild your professional reputationPremium Profile, Who Viewed My profileReach your prospects directly and crediblyInMailAdoption & reporting solutionsUsage ReportingAdmin controlsLearning Center


22Whats LinkedIns Social Selling Index?

First-of-its kind measure that measures your companys adoption of social selling practices on LinkedInGain visibility into your companys activitiesUncover new opportunitiesBenchmark yourself against peers and competitors

Create a professional brandFind the right peopleEngage with insightsBuild strong relationships9. Selling Index21.1Company XHow do you compare to industry average? X:Based on Linked members who report working at your company who have sales titles or sales keywords in their headline.All sales pros

How do you compare against your competitors?Weaker social sellingStrongersocial selling

118Peers:ofCompany ACompany BCompany CCompany DCompany ECompany FCompany GCompany HCompany ICompany JCompany X:Based on Linked members who report working at your company who have sales titles or sales keywords in their headline.


Would you like to know your teams SSI, LinkedIn data, or see a live tailored demo for your team?Jaymie Brill Regional Sales Manager, Financial Services LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Email: jbrill@linkedin.comLinkedIn:

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