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How do I get my brand recognized in the competitive marketplace? What is the best way to spend my marketing dollars? Will retail buyers be interested in my product and brand without any sales history? Will the consumer buy my product?


  • Your Road Map to Reach Your Audience Build a Brand Reward Ambassadors Get Qd In Retail&Customers www.myQME.com
  • 2 How do I get my brand recognized in the competitive marketplace? What is the best way to spend my marketing dollars? Will retail buyers be interested in my product and brand without any sales history? Will the consumer buy my product? What is QME? QME is a full-service sales and marketing agency with creative expertise in consumer brand development and product marketing along with digital and traditional media. Our team of experienced marketing and digital professionals are dedicated to moving, motivating, and driving consumers to take action: to click on your site, buy your products, and recognize your brand... and we reward them for doing it! The QME system identifies and rewards your customers for sharing and engaging with your brand online. Now businesses can quantify the social influence of individual customers by linking their social QME content to actual engagement and purchases. What can QME do for me? All consumer products operate in a highly competitive marketplace in a time of a very difficult economy. The most cost effective way for a company to achieve sales and marketing objectives is to leverage the strengths of the QME social media platform. QME will create a customized 24 week Brand Development Program designed to build your brand awareness, create a loyal following, build a community, and deliver measurable results which will demonstrate to your retail buyers why they should carry your product line. Our Brand Development Program conveys comprehensive information about your brand and how to present your products to the major retailers. QME allows brand owners and brand marketers to tap the vast audience of the social web in a more creative engaging manner at a lower cost. We offer a way to catapult a new or existing brand into the global retail arena. DRIVING YOUR BRAND INTO MAJOR RETAILERS QME FEATURES: A Unique Social Media Marketing Platform that Builds Brands and Rewards Customers for Sharing Full-Service Agency Support Launch Product Campaigns Quickly and Effectively Across All Major Search Engines Manage All of Your Social Media Marketing Needs from One Platform
  • 3 QME is positioned to take a leadership role in introducing the most advanced feature set that addresses all phases of business development: Attract New Customers Increase Customer Loyalty Social Media Promotion Develop Mass Market Content for your Brand via a QME Contest Package & Label Design Customized Sell Sheets Product Sales Fulfillment Advertising Marketing Services Develop Growth Strategy for your Brand Retail Representation While perhaps initially daunting, the trick is to break the process into manageable pieces. From creating your online destinations to connecting with influencers, following these nine Brand Development steps will get you on your way to building your brand and boosting your business. 1. Market Research Before choosing a creative direction, QME will identify your goals, conduct a product market analysis, identify your customer, and your customers wants and needs. This will give us a deep understanding of your business and your brand so we can guide you to where you want to be. 2. Identify Your Target Audience Understand who your customers are and what they are looking for. Your brand will walk right into their hands in their search for a product like yours. 3. Establish Social Media Strategy with Rewards QME gives your customers an online experience that allows them to interact with your brand and rewards those members for their engagements and sharing efforts. BRANDING, MARKETING & CAMPAIGN DEVELOPMENT YOU ARE HERE: Identify Target Audience Establish Social Media Strategy Publish Content Connect with Key Influencers Participate and Interact with Your Customer Update or Create Integrated Website Launch QME Driven Contest Launch QME Driven Campaign
  • 4 4. Publish Meaningful Content Add value to the readers experience by continually giving them something of importance with your branded online content. 5. Connect with Key Influencers Word of mouth has moved online. Your target audience will have some key influencers that you need to identify and connect with so they know your brand, and in turn can share it with their audience. 6. Update or Create Website and Integrate with QME Your website is the main marketing engine. QME will analyze your existing website and help determine its effectiveness. 7. Launch Your QME Driven Campaign Create custom promotional campaigns to engage your customers. Develop brand ambassadors and motivated web traffic. 8. Perform Comprehensive Reports SEO Implementation Report Monthly Activities Report Keyword Ranking Report Visitor Traffic Report 9. Evaluate and Learn From Engaged Customers/Ambassadors Your customers and brand ambassadors hold the key to understand what you are doing right... and what you may be doing wrong. Listen to them and act accordingly. Destination Sales Brand Building Creative Development Website Development Digital Marketing Mobile Marketing Online Video Launch QME Social Media Campaigns Convert Traffic Into Sales BRANDING, MARKETING & CAMPAIGN DEVELOPMENT
  • 5 The QME Brand Development Program, Marketing, and Campaign Development Package Includes: Interview with the business to capture your story Extensive Market Research Development of a Brand Strategy Custom QME driven website with up to 20 pages of content Complete development of a QME business or brand profile Design of 5 professional banners to communicate your brand, service, and/or product(s) on your QME profile Upload of up to 80 photo images of brand products One related product blog per week to drive consumers to your profile Two consumer public outreach videos showing the use of your product and interaction with your brand while capturing feedback and level of satisfaction Setup of your QME store front to accept direct sales. QME can manage the shipping and fulfillment services of your products. Includes setup of up to 50 store products. QME will receive an agreed upon percentage of all product sales to cover our cost to manage shipping and fulfillment One product contest to connect and engage participants network to interact with your brand. Product contest to create rich content that can go viral, jingles, videos, best way to use your products, most views, most share, etc. (Expectation about 50k plus engagements) Unlimited campaigns for each of your products with 50,000 QME points provided. Note: you can buy more points for unlimited campaign activities Complete Social Media Campaign utilizing a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest to increase visibility Press Releases Basic SEO, SEM package up to 20 key words SEO and keywords analytics and reporting for all content: - Keyword Research Report, Detailed SEO Analysis Report, On-Page Recommendation Report, SEO implementation Report, Work Status Report (weekly), Activities Summary (monthly), Keyword Ranking Report (monthly), Visitor Traffic Report (monthly), Campaign Performance Analysis and Recommendations (monthly), Retail Reports Packages Available: PREMIUM BUSINESS PACKAGE - 6 month program EXECUTIVE BUSINESS PACKAGE - 1 year program ATHLETE CELEBRITY ENDORSED BUSINESS PACKAGE - 1 year program To discuss package costs, please call: 302.218.8730 After 6 months, QME will outline a plan for ongoing monthly services based on your specific needs and the results of the initial development program. This powerful combination of ongoing Social Media Marketing and rewarding your customers for sharing will boost sales and catapult brand loyalty. THE QME BRAND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Destination Sales 6-12 Months of Business Development on QME Increased Visibility, Traffic, and Sales Ongoing Post Campaign Support
  • 6 Welcome to your NEW Social Media Marketing Home The QME Business Profile is the most sophisticated social media marketing platform in existence today. It allows you to promote, engage, sell and market every aspect of your business, brand and product like never before. The QME Creative team will develop your new business profile to match your existing brand and unique visual styling. Manage all social media, open your own store, showcase your photos and videos, create searchable blog content, connect and reward your customers for engaging. Its the new smarter social platform... its QME. Destination Sales Share Photos, Videos, Campaigns, Products and Recent News Connect with Customers QME Social Media Business Profile YOUR BUSINESS PROFILE ON QME
  • 7 Patented QME Campaign/Search Interface QME Campaigns are the new way to show off your brand and products with results showing up in major search engines. QME lets your search results do more! Integrated capabilities of the QME campaign interface: Destination Sales All-In-One Complete Marketing Engine Reward Your Customers & Create Loyal Lifelong Ambassadors QME Campaign Interface YOUR CAMPAIGN POWERED BY QME Descriptions Images Video Commercials Radio Spots Direct Buy Links Target Interests and Attributes by Geographic Area Comment Feedback and Share Features Campaigns appear in QME and Search Engine Results across the Web E-commerce and Fulfillment Support Capability Real-Time Reporting and Tracking Launch new campaigns across your entire network, which are also searchable by all major search engines! Whats the easiest way to create brand ambassadors? Reward them for sharing and endorsing your brand and product. The new QME campaign portal provides your network with all the essential marketing tools to make spreading the word simple - and the best part is the platform tracks all clicks and views while rewarding each action based on your settings for the campaign. What are QME Points? QME rewards its members for interacting with advertising content within the website. You can earn points by watching advertisements, listening to radio advertisements, sharing advertised content with other members, sharing campaigns with other members, and updating profile information (as a few examples). QME points may also be awarded to affiliate businesses that choose to endorse a campaign. These points work as an incentive from campaigning businesses and individuals for QME members to view and engage in the campaigns they post. If you are very active in the Qmmunity, you will start to accumulate a lot of points by interacting with various content within the QME website. When you have at least 2,500 QME points, you can redeem that for $25.00. The conversion rate of QME points to dollar is 100/1, so you need 100 QME points to equal one dollar, 1,000 QME points to equal $10.00, and so on. You receive 500 points just for joining the QME website. You can use the points you earn to promote your campaigns and buy products from other QME campaigns. Also, use QME points as incentive for people to go to your events, purchase services, and much more.
  • 8 Sendusyourrequests byclickinghere Were thrilled that you want to work with QME. We promise to get back to you quickly. Phone: 267.932.8034 YourRoadMapto Retail& Customers YOU HAVE ARRIVED AT YOUR DESTINATION 62% of adults worldwide now use social media Social networking is the most popular online activity, with 22% of time online spent on channels like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest Social commerce sales should total $9.2 billion by the end of this year and are expected to climb to $14.25 billion in 2013 and $30 billion in 2015 Some 167 million people will shop online this year, which will increase to 192 million by 2016 (spending an average of $1,800 per person per year) 20% would purchase within a social media site 90% of marketers use social media channels for business, with 93% of these rating social tools as important 43% of marketers have noticed an improvement in sales due to social campaigns 53% of small businesses are using social media