Make hair bows of your choice in 5 simple steps

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<ul><li><p> Make Hair Bows of Your Choice In 5 Simple Steps</p><p>Hair bows offer a great way to accessorize your outfit in a perfect way. With all the colours, styles and sizes available in hair bows, now it is easy to understand why they are so much popular among girls. For people, who are thinking to buy hair bows in bulk can approach cheap hair bow wholesaler who will provide you with wide variety of hair bows at much affordable rates. </p><p>A unique thing about hair bows is that they add right amount of pop to any apparel and can be worn in various different ways. There are number of ways in which you can make hair bows. However, their variation usually lies on materials used to craft them. </p><p>If you are thinking to make hair bows as per your choice, then you will require certain materials before you start making hair bows. The basic materials required to make a hair bow are measuring tape, metal clip, glue, scissors, fray check, ribbon and floral wire. For beginners, it is advisable to make use of medium sized pinwheel bow that offers an excellent choice to begin with. </p><p>At the time of deciding the type of ribbon, it is very important to choose ribbons made of soft fabric that can be easily bent. After this, choose the type of clip to use for it. </p><p>Let us know about the steps to make a hair bow:</p><p>1. First of all, cut the ribbon in 24 inches in length and 1 inches in width. For assembling, you should fold the ribbon 5 times of its 4 in length. After this by making use of clips, pinch the centre of the loops and use a craft wire or wrap floral wire in order to tighten the centre portion of the bow. </p></li><li><p>2. Trim the excessive wire and the ends of the bow to make both the sides even. </p><p>3. Trace a line and cut accordingly for creating an angle on bows edges. </p><p>4. In order to prevent fraying, you can apply thin coat of fray check or nail polish on the edges of bow. After this, slide the clip along the wire of the bow and apply glue to secure it in its place. </p><p>5. To give a final touch to the hair bow, you can adjust the bow to its fullness. </p><p>Thus, in this ways you can create different hair bows as per your desired choice and style.</p></li></ul>


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