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  1. 1. It started in Rio on Ipanema. Two pals from London were looking for an escape from the predictable working life and decided to jet off to Rio to let off some steam. Upon arrival things quickly got messy-drinking caipirinhas by the gallon, they danced on tables and chained shots of Cachaa with the locals until the bar ran dry. They realised that Rio was a city full of fun, sex, colour and freedom. It was a city that was alive, from dawn-til-dusk. It was at that moment, in amongst the free spirited vibe they knew, Rio loved them & they loved Rio. They felt right at home. As the morning sun came rising up over the favelas, they strolled along Ipanema Beach and decided that it was time for a brand to exist that captured the fun and attitude of what they had just experienced. They would take the sites, sounds and flavours from Rio back to London, to create a lifestyle brand completely different from anything they had ever seen before. Most importantly though they would adopt the independent spirit of the people they had met who lived passionately, freely and confidently beyond the rules of society. FREE FROM outside control #indleaders INDEPENDENT LEADERS FLASH FILM STUDIOS WILLESDEN FREIGHT TERMINAL CHANNEL GATE ROAD LONDON NW10 6UQ +44 20 7515 7274 #indleaders
  2. 2. Spring 2014Look Book#indleaders#indleaders