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Explore the Widest Collecon of Home Decor

Explore the Widest Collection of Home Décor

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  1. 1. Explore the Widest Collection of Home Decor
  2. 2. About http://etailme.com.au eTailme is the evolution of a concept that grew out of marketing company, Media Tag. A number of our clients; large wholesalers, distributors and retailers were suffering in this current retail environment. To cut costs, retailers and large department stores started to bypass local wholesalers and distributors and go directly to overseas markets to source products. As a result, our clients, who had in some instances been wholesaling in Australia for over 30 years, needed to find new channels to market.
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  15. 15. Address: 3 Ebsworth Rd, Rose Bay, NSW Australia Phone No: +61 293883105 [email protected] http://etailme.com.au Thank you!