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Beacons and the Future of Mobile Shopping Retail Marketing Virtual Conference & Expo Live Session July 17, 2014

Beacons and the Future of Mobile Shopping

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On Wednesday, July 17th, 2014 Retail Online Integration presented a one-day virtual event for cross-channel retailer - the Retail Marketing Virtual Conference & Expo (RMV). These slides are from the session "Beacons and the Future of Mobile Shopping" featuring Maya Mikhailov, EVP and Co-Founder of GPShopper, and Ryan Bonifacino, VP of Digital Strategy at Alex and Ani. Many retailers today are experimenting with in-store beacons — i.e., Bluetooth-enabled devices that communicate with shoppers’ smartphones by sending them relevant ads, coupons, product information and more — to bridge the digital and physical shopping worlds. Consumers who opt in to receive such messaging can get great deals and valuable information, while retailers collect all-important customer data. Want to know more about beacon technology, including how it works and how it’s changing the future of mobile shopping? Then listen in to this lively panel discussion featuring retail executives who have implemented beacon programs in their stores. Attendees to this session will learn the following: * what beacon technology is and how it works * how to use beacon technology to improve consumers’ in-store shopping experiences * lessons from retail brands that are currently using the technology * what’s next for beacon technology * so much more!

Text of Beacons and the Future of Mobile Shopping

  • Beacons and the Future of Mobile Shopping Retail Marketing Virtual Conference & Expo Live Session July 17, 2014
  • Session Moderator: Melissa Campanelli Editor in Chief Retail Online Integration Maya Mikhailov Executive Vice President/Co-Founder GPShopper Todays Speakers Ryan Bonifacino VP, Digital Strategy Alex and Ani
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  • Maya Mikhailov Executive Vice President/Co-Founder GPShopper Please Welcome
  • TitleMaya Mikhailov, Cofounder GPShopper, Adjunct Professor NYU A PRIMER ON BEACONS Using Beacons to Create Compelling Marketing Experiences
  • About GPShopper + Who we are and what we do Connecting with mobile consumers to revolutionize retail. $400M transactions Cloud Based, enterprise- class mobile platform GPShopper is an integrated mobile platform enabling retailers & brands to launch large scale mobile solutions driving loyalty, commerce and engagement. Providing an SDK enabling agencies, partners and clients to deploy branded native app solutions. Launched an end-to-end beacon solution in 2013 integrating CMS, Reporting and Management to beacon deployment. Chicago New York Seattle @gpshopper @gpshopper
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth Low Energy Energy (BLE) iOS & Android Compatible
  • + Who we are and what we do Its not hardware its a protocol
  • BLE Beacons have explicit opt-in BLE are low energy consumption on the device Cost of WiFi implementation is much higher BLE has more device/hardware support BLE Beacons can be configured Cost of NFC hardware set-up is much higher VS WIFI aka Never F*ing Coming NFC BLE vs. Other Location Tech
  • About GPShopper + Who we are and what we do
  • Harness the power of the distracted consumer
  • About GPShopper + Who we are and what we do Bridge the in-store and digital experience
  • About GPShopper + Who we are and what we do Online data now available for real-world actions (aka Big Data)
  • PRIVACY SECURITY MANAGEMENT What are beacons broadcasting? What are beacons reading? What if someone learned the beacon ID? Is this an opt-in experience? What about MAC Address sniffing? Is this PII? What info is being collected? How do you manage 10, 100, 1000, 10000 beacons? What about campaign management across locations?
  • Fashion Retail CPG / Grocery with Loyalty Offer in-aisle promotions, recipes and more Personalize offers based on purchase history or status Give shoppers exclusive content based on product mix Beacon Use Case Examples Or, can be used just as in-store reporting tools
  • You need an app for that Use cases that make sense - provide utility and value Management plan one beacon is easy 1,000 not so much End-User friendly privacy and opt-out policies Getting Started
  • Please Welcome Ryan Bonifacino VP, Digital Strategy Alex and Ani
  • Alex and Ani Alex and Ani (Ani pronounced AH-KNEE) is a positive energy, lifestyle brand that creates and sells products made in America from eco- conscious, recycled materials designed by Carolyn Rafaelian. Alex and Ani embraces a unique business model that incorporates corporate consciousness in all directives. The wellbeing of the environment, the health of local and national economies, and the empowerment of customers are taken into account with every decision made. The fastest growing lifestyle brand in the world, with sales per square foot, in its top locations, rivaling those of Apple. One of the top 100 recognized job producers in the United States (growing from 23 employees in 2009 to over 1,000 employees currently in 2014). Revenue growth of 11,400% - $2 million to $230 million (as of 2013)
  • How does Alex and Ani use beacons?
  • What are some best practices retailers should follow around using beacons?
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