Achieving mobile ROI for in-store retail

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  • 1.achieving mobile ROI for in-store retail Ken Kuschei. Longos Director Consumer Insights Chris Bryson. Unata Founder & CEO

2. Objective: Launch mobile apps that deliver the same customer intimacy that made Longos successful Longos Family, 2012 3. Achieve Competitive Differentiation Engage Current Loyalty Members Drive New Member Acquisition Gather New Forms of Customer Data Leverage Data to Cut Other Costs Drive Increased Loyalty & Spend 1 2 3 4 5 6 Targets for achieving ROI 4. How Unata measured ROI 1 2 3 4 5 Connected mobile experience to loyalty program ! Connected mobile experience to products & promotions Tracked all mobile behaviour; connect to purchase event Measured behaviour changes & inuence of digital on basket Benchmarked changes against non-digital users Didnt launch an app. Implemented a platform. 5. Launched July 23, 2013: iPhone, Android, Web in Jan Integrated in 3 months Connected to Longos Thank You Rewards Program Each shoppers content is personalized by Unatas platform, based on purchase history All users behaviors tracked by Unatas platform Automated Personalization Engine Longos CRM API & Cloud DB Longos ERP, POS Content Management SystemAnalytics Engine Platform Implementation 6. Loyalty Scan card off phone Points balance Points needed to earn next reward List Create list from full inventory & prices Sort by department Personalized recommendations 7. Incentives Earn incentives for downloading app / rating purchases Personal Flyer Products on sale that the shopper has previously purchased Other relevant specials based on buying preferences 8. Push Notication Alerts for personal yer being updated Sent weekly Highlights number of items on sale that the user has previously purchased 9. Continuously improving experience Access personalized content via app Make purchase with loyalty card Personalized content automatically refreshed Purchase data linked to mobile data, compared to other shoppers 10. Achieving ROI: 6 Different Ways 11. ROI 1. Achieve Competitive Differentiation The Longos Mobile App is the only Canadian mobile app that: Is connected to the full catalogue and all specials (not just the yer) Has a personal yer, personalized recommendations, access to users purchases Allows users to earn points for digital behaviors 12. 2007Average Loyalty Member Mobile Loyalty Member Monthly Spend 41% higher ROI 2. Engage current members +6% higher retention 13. 51+ 20% 40-49 26% 30-39 32% 20-29 19% 0-19 3% Male 40% Female 60% ! ROI 2. Engage current members Mobile Gender & Age Distribution consistent with loyalty program 14. = 1% of total loyalty spend ROI 3. New member acquisition 1 3 of mobile logins are new members to the loyalty program > 15. when & where mobile sessions happen ROI 4. New Customer Data 48% 21% 31% Within 1hr of purchase 1-24hrs before purchase > 1 day before purchase 41% viewing personal yer 36% rating products 45% creating lists Lift in spend from app usage & each feature 52% of items added to the list are purchased what customers do impact on purchase 16. 60% previous purchases 51% recommendations in list 31% personal yer Add to List conversion to purchase by section ROI 4. New Customer Data 17. ROI 5. Leverage data to cut other costs Adjust yer production at select locations after hitting mobile targets Decrease production of plastic loyalty cards & supporting mailings Leverage customer product ratings from mobile app to enhance merchandising; >600K product ratings have been submitted since launch across 20K items 18. Title 2007 5.7% -0.3% Average Loyalty Member Mobile Loyalty Member ROI 6. Drive Increased Spend Spend vs. Previous 4 Months Jul 23 13-Nov 23 13 VS. Mar 23 13-Jul 22 13 19. Title 2007 6.2% -1.4% Average Loyalty Member Personal Flyer User* Lift per Avg Transaction $ vs. Prev 4 months Personal Flyer driving spend Mar 23 13-Jul 22 13 VS. Jul 23 13-Nov 23 13 20. Title 2007 11.4% -1.4% Average Loyalty Member Mobile List User* List Users spending more Lift per Avg Transaction $ vs. Prev 4 months Mar 23 13-Jul 22 13 VS. Jul 23 13-Nov 23 13 21. of products added to the list and purchased had never been purchased 10% Goes great with... 22. Achieved Competitive Differentiation Engaged Current Loyalty Members Drove New Member Acquisition Gathered New Forms of Customer Data Leveraged Data to Cut Other Costs Drove Increased Loyalty & Spend 1 2 3 4 5 6 How Longos achieved ROI 23. Beacons: The Next Major Evolution Create Different Triggers for Different Distances 24. Empower the Retailer Personal Flyer, Targeted Offers upon entry Increase Loyalty data capture (easy access @ checkout) Store staff retrieving shopper prole via their own app Empower Manufacturers Interactive In-Aisle Signage Fully customizable content: videos, signage, etc Engagement vs. Purchase Analytics 25. Chris Bryson Founder & CEO Thank You! Any Questions? Ken Kuschei Director of Consumer Insights