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Slides from Glassdoor breakfast seminar in Palo Alto on 22nd May 2014. "How to Recruit Tech Talent When You’re Not a Tech Company" by Kia Walker, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, SolarCity

Text of How to Recruit Tech Talent When You’re Not a Tech Company - SolarCity

  • How to Recruit Tech Talent When Youre Not a Tech Company Kia Walker Senior Director of Talent Acquisition SolarCity
  • About Me
  • About SolarCity Founded in 2007 - Went public in 2013 (SCTY) 5,700 employees $3 billion structured financing #1 Residential solar company in the US 100,000 buildings Install a new system every 3 minutes 1 in 4 PV systems installed by SolarCity
  • Employee Growth 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 YOY Headcount Growth
  • Challenges Double the size of SolarCitys software engineering team Recruit in a highly competitive environment 30 high-caliber hires in under 4 months Showcase our story, build buzz, visibility and interest
  • Most Common Sources Software Engineers Learn About Job Opportunities
  • Sourcing Solutions 1. Improve branding 2. Source the best 3. Drive employee referrals 4. Hold recruiting events
  • 1. Improve Branding New Careers site: Software Engineering microsite: tware-engineering Glassdoor profile
  • Our Glassdoor Profile
  • Glassdoor Results
  • 2. Source the Best Reach out to tech companies within a 20-mile radius of San Mateo and San Francisco Engineering team participates in EcoHackathon
  • Software Engineers Value Reviews of software engineers read online reviews about a company before accepting a job offer
  • When software engineers are making job decisions they trust these sources for more information:
  • 3. Drive Employee Referrals Increased the referral fee to $2,500 Company email and posters Pizza lunch name gen
  • Most Effective Recruitment Tactics Say social media outreach from other engineers at the hiring company is an effective way to learn about new job opportunities Say they appreciate meet ups at the company hiring where they have a chance to connect with other engineers What Engineers are saying
  • 4. Recruiting Events College Engineering 4 college recruiting events in 1 week Targeted schools that focus on Computer Science: Duke Cal Poly SLO Stanford San Diego State University We received a total of 202 resumes
  • 4. Recruiting Events - Mixers SF Mixers Bring a friend, learn about the cool stuff we are doing from our Founder/CTO, drink craft beer 2 hires from 1st mixer Software Engineering meet up at Rogue Brewery: Sourcing Team sent targeted invites College team created invitation on the Meet up site and EventBrite
  • Results After 6 Weeks Hired an internal Recruiter and Sourcer Implemented an online coding assessment (Hacker Street) 15 offers accepted 3 offers pending 15 More Hires by August 15th