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Virtual Assistants (VA) are knowledge work samurais of today. They enable you to navigate through your day without wasting time to repetitive and manual tasks. You can focus on your strengths and outsource your weaknesses. Ultimately, virtual assistants allow a new person grow inside you. Be productive, not busy. Learn how Mikko Ikola changed his life with Virtual Assistants. How to get started? I've found 90% of my talent from Elance. Register here: https://www.elance.com/?rid=2C060

Text of Hire Knowledge Work Samurais: Virtual Assistants

  • Hire Knowledge Work Samurais: Virtual Assistants Entrepreneur and biohacker @MikkoIkola
  • 1) Why Virtual Assistants? 2) My personal examples 3) Different services
  • Im an entrepreneur = Lots of work and prioritising How do I juggle through my day? ! !
  • Focus on being productive instead of busy ! Tim Ferriss 4 hour work week
  • The less you do the more you (enable others to) accomplish ! Andy Stanley
  • By changing the way you do routine things you allow a new person to grow inside you ! Paulo Coelho
  • A compassionate samurai follows through whether it feels good or not; average people do what they feel like doing ! Brian Klemmer
  • Virtual Assistants Are My Samurais VAs are part of my working habits. ! They expand what Im able to accomplish. !
  • Web research Design Proofreading Video editing (!) Getting quotes Brainstorming (!) What do I outsource?
  • My two permanent samurais Satu 15 USD / h Agnes 5 USD / h - Tasks that can be completed in English - Lives in Philippines ! Finnish language tasks Pays my PDF invoices Lives in Finland
  • Why do I trust Agnes and Satu? Satu 15 USD / h Agnes 5 USD / h - Tasks that can be completed in English - Lives in Indonesia ! Finnish language tasks Pays my PDF invoices Lives in Finland They deliver
  • For everything else, I nd the best VA Sougato 3d print models Tina Graphic illustration Examples of VAs I have worked with during last 2 years Goran Web research Elizabeth English grammar Olga Russian translations
  • My personal examples
  • Case: Book design I was responsible to compile Recipe Booklet for Ambronite product., roughly 50 pages. ! Text content of the booklet was ready. I required somebody to design the layout and get proper ingredient images. ! Time saved: 50 h Price: $119 USD
  • Online banking outsourced I hate logging into my online bank to pay PDF invoices I get over email. ! Satu takes care of my bills. I forward my PDFs to her. We have a shared bank account where Ive put a moderate amount of money. ! Time saved: 5 min per invoice - Price: $1 per invoice
  • Case: Contacting startups in Moscow I had to contact Moscow-based tech startups and companies. I hired a Russian- speaking VA to get the details below from 100 companies. It was a great base to start reaching out to people through my own network in Moscow. ! Time saved: ~50 h - VA price: $89 USD
  • Case: Find relevant health authors I wanted to reach out to major health authors and bloggers online. I asked Agnes to perform online research. ! Time saved: ~8 h - VA price: $40 USD
  • Case: food catering quote How to organise food catering for 65 people in a foreign country youve never been to, and dont speak the local language? My business contact had this problem. ! I asked my Finnish VA Satu to organise the whole thing for him. Satu called 8 restaurants to get quotes and made a recommendation. ! Time saved: 6 hours Price: 40 USD
  • Case: food catering quote By the way, Restaurant Perho won this bid.
  • Case: Translation and subtitles I had to create English subtitles for video recording of Jari Sarasvuos speech at Quantied Self & Biohacking event. Satu, my Finnish VA, rst transcribed the Finnish speech, and then translated it to English. ! Time saved: 15 h Price: 100 USD
  • Case: Brainstorming outsourced I was creating an organic drinkable meal product and looking for a name for the product. I outsourced brainstorming to get suggestions. One suggestion stood out: Ambrosia is a nectar of gods in Greek mythology, which helped to acquire immortality. Sounds like our organic drinkable meal. ! We made a small twist and the name of the product became Ambronite. ! Time saved: 10-100 h Cost: 50 USD
  • Different services Elance Zirtual Fiverr Odesk Taskrabbit 99designs
  • www.elance.com I have found 90% of the talent from Elance
  • Zirtual
  • verr.com
  • Merging digital and physical world
  • Merging digital and physical world
  • Outsourcing logo design
  • Chosen
  • Tim Ferriss
  • Do you speak Finnish? ! Join to learn more about VA services and to share your experiences on FB page 4 tunnin tyviikko ! https://www.facebook.com/groups/ 4tunnintyoviikko/
  • How to get started? ! Try out Elance, thats where I nd 90% of the talent I need. Setting up an task takes 5 min. ! After one hour, you have multiple VA offers you can choose from. You dont pay until you select one. ! http://elance.com/ ! !
  • Thank youMikko Ikola Entrepreneur and biohacker ! +358 50 4117282 ikola iki. ! Interested in hearing this keynote live? ! Hire Mikko. @MikkoIkola