Employing People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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Presentation from i4cp on 10/28/14.


  • 1. Employing People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities In partnership with: .I) W INSTITUTE FOR ' CORPORATE PRODUCTIVITY 6 '* 5E"RC" Prvn Rrscun-ls.73:01.1. Dana _

2. We Can Do Better. .. 85/ o of adults in the U. S. with developmentaldisabilities do not have a paid job in the community. 25/ o of corporate D&|recruiting efforts differentiate for types of disabilities. ..Only one-half of those specically recruit people with IDD. The jobless rate for those with disabilities is nearly twice that of the general population,butit's closer to 70 / o for those with IDD. i l~fll| ll ltlll C P Cl'l(l| .(. ll lmtvliu nll l 3. Organizations featured in the reportU}a@2zee4t4.FIFTH THIRD BANKHOLIAND&KNIGHTLLP 1/NATixIsSEYFARTHSlll(()llVZtll(. , lidlll( 4. A Broader D & I AgendaI'M IN IO HIRE is a l. Il| ()lIwldurlIvIty (N:p) ltvAI. Il(IV uvpurt,IM IN lt) Hllll t| lII1Il)LlllIVI'w vmt In M nmgilnyuu . uul nrnplrvyuos . I|Ihu In uippmt ul hiring the IS;nl working age adults supported by tutu IDD nqum lut who . uo unornplnyud 'i--Inn. Pledge your support at imintohire. org INSTITUTE FOR COIIKIRATE P| IL)I)U(T| 'ITV1 Im K. uA6. 7-A4 Ha. III11 $193 ME?MI?Mml i4cp's Diversity 8. Inclusion Research and Thought LeadershipEmploying People with Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesThe Values and Behaviors that Drive D&|Effectiveness =Q4The Shesuite - perspectives on leadership from women executivesThe 12 Diversity Practices of High- Performance OrganizationsChief Diversity Officer Board -exclusive to ranking D&|executives from large employers 5. D&|is a stated core valueCorr.w/Corr.w/MPI D&I.10 .3869Yes 5322NO 32HPO L90E l~rnrn hm C P CtIHl|3(. il liUllL II II Source Map 1 6. 5 Shared Org.Values that Drive Agility,_ High-Agility ' V | nn0V3t'0n Organizations are 2 Transparency if more likely to 3% Creativity indicate that all five _ _ values were 4:.Diversity embedded into the 5 Collaboration "f f. the" organizations. i | ~ flllTt lull C P CtIlU|2(Ail lHUULLIl| l 7. OVERVIEWAdvantages cited including:addition of highly motivated employees,demonstrating an inclusive and diverse culture that's attractive to critical talent pools,and improved customer satisfaction. Companies that employ people with IDD describe them as dependable,engaged,motivated,having great attendance.attention to work quality.and high productivity. Nearly three-quarters oi employs. -rs report a positive experience,and nearly one-third of those say It exceeded their expectations. Employers report minimal difficulty with preconceived 1'~"" W challenges,while support resources are readily available. COKIIJKATI II(0DU('l'| VnV run A. .. i '.2 i. l.. 8. .. .the people practices that drive high performance. E IN flllTt hill CF Cl'KI. (4Il | i(Ulll c'llil l 9. Defining High Performance Revenue growth Market shareProfitabilityCustomer satisfactionr-1. at i. ~*- v2%:Focus of Research:e What do high-performance organizations do differently?e Do those practices correlate with market performance? E l'TlTliTT hm C P CL. l(l'UlLATL | itUtItL1'llTV 7' V I . . - ' .ll... 10. The i4cp Network partial list) r .. .Miiaos Sl. ll Sliil H M LANDOUKES. -c,i Talpjrt ,M l |Z .,,in , J': ,;vi. ' ' GIUUNGER McAfee CBTOYOTA ' . ... .c...' H] 2011, 2012. 2013 and 2014 :9;-__' Humane ,' Mctlifc = "'-=5""C-H WW 0 ~ r:... ms.., . p , @ ' -"1.-. ... .."-' .pt (il>{llli


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