WTCA- Loyalty/Affinity Program Discussion

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World Trade Center Association has embarked on an ambitious path of growth and development and further strengthening as one of the world’s most unique and powerful networks for global business.

Text of WTCA- Loyalty/Affinity Program Discussion

  • 1. Leveraging Our Collective Buying Power to Boost Brand Loyalty PROSPERITY THROUGH TRADE Presented by: Natalie Rideau, Manager of Certification & Programs WTCA

2. 2 Loyalty/Affinity Program Discussion AGENDA What is a loyalty/affinity program? Examples of current WTC loyalty/affinity program initiatives Loyalty/affinity program brainstorm session 3. Loyalty 3 4. What is a loyalty or affinity program? 4 5. Brief Overview Loyalty/Affinity program - Marketing program designed to enhance brand loyalty by cultivating an ongoing relationship between a marketer and his customer often through the use of incentives or other rewards. May also fall under the title of Corporate Partnerships Examples of benefits include: % off price of good or service Royalties to the participating organization Cash back Points 5 6. 6 BUSINESS SERVICES TRAVEL & HOSPITALITY LEISURE INFORMATION & EDUCATION Shipping/logistics Club Network Health & Fitness Foreign Language Instruction Office Supplies Hotel Group Golf Journals/Magazines Trade Data Rental Car Online Subscriptions Fuel Discounts Airline Alliance Seminars/Webinars Technol/Computers Cruise Line Country Reports Technol/Telecom Travel Insurance Insurance Payroll Legal Accounting Awards & Promotional Items 7. Loyalty/Affinity Program Key Success Factors 1. Mission-driven 2. Offer a product or service not readily available elsewhere 3. Customized to meet members needs 4. Offers clear-cut price advantage and significant value- added for member 5. Sufficiently vetted vendors 6. ROI is in line with time and money spent 7 8. CHALLENGE! No One-Size-Fits-All! Regional differences Cultural differences Local corporate relationships often prove more beneficial 8 9. Examples of Current WTC Loyalty/Affinity Program Initiatives Fed Ex WTC San Diego Global Traveler Magazine WTC Philadelphia Accor Favorite Guest Corporate Program French WTCs 9 10. Discounts on international and domestic shipping Discounts at FedEx Office 1% Royalties for participating WTCs Co-branded marketing FedEx Alliance Management Engine (FAME) Customer savings and revenue reports 10 11. Background Affiliated with WTC Greater Philadelphia over 9 years Publisher: FXExpress Publications Distribution: National (U.S.) Circulation: > 100,000 Frequency: Monthly Focus: Business Traveler Subscription Rate: $42/year 11 12. WTCGP Program WTCGP Program: $12.50/year WTCGP purchases GT for their members and offers it as a benefit of membership Special sticker on the cover identifying as A Benefit of WTC Greater Philadelphia Membership One-on-One interview with Linda Conlin, WTCGP Executive Director Program sponsorship WTCA Potential Program Same as WTCGP Program but with additional enhancements WTC Member profiles Offer eFlyer GTs weekly e-newsletter free to all global members Annual contest for WTC members with follow-up coverage in GT Article on WTC member success through WTC affiliation Invitations to GT events Separate URL for individual subscriptions (when WTC does not purchase for its members) 12 13. Accor Favorite Guest Corporate 13 14. 14 Loyalty/Affinity Program Brainstorm Session What kinds of programs would be most valuable to you and your members? Does your WTC currently have a loyalty/affinity program which you could refer to the WTCA for the benefit of other WTCs? 15. Thank You!! Any Questions? Natalie Rideau Manager of Certification & Programs World Trade Centers Association 420 Lexington Ave., Suite 518 New York, NY 10170 USA 15