Why real estate agents need business plans 2015

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  • 2015 Real Estate Agent Business Plan

    Chuck Ward

    PRO Director of Marketing

  • This Weeks Agenda

    Tuesday 12/9/2014

    What a Business Plan is

    Why is a Business Plan Needed

    Pieces of a Business Plan


    Thursday 12/11/2014

    Filling it Out Goal Setting

    Financial Planning

    Work Flow

    What to Do

    What NOT to Do


  • Sports Story

    Do you remember last years college football rivalry UPSET Auburn / Alabama

    Alabama attempts 63 yard field goal (missed)

    Auburn fielded the FGA as a kick off

    Auburn returns the kick for a touchdown


  • Whats the Point

    Auburns coaching staff had a plan

    Auburn had a goal

    Beat Arch Rival Alabama

    Alabamas coaching staff also had a plan

    Alabama had a goal

    Did not account for unknowns

    Did not account for unlikely events or scenarios

  • Notable Industry Quotes

  • So Ask (and Answer)

    Do you have a goal in mind?

    Is it written down?

    Do you have a plan to achieve that goal?

    Is that written down?

  • Recipe for Successful 2015 Real Estate Business

    Goals Have to Be Ultra Defined

    Written Down

    Short and Long Term

    Steps to Achieve those Goals also have to be

    Ultra Defined

  • Roadmap Analogy

    Your Goal is to drive from somewhere really cold to somewhere warm

    How are you going to do this

  • Roadmap Analogy

    Map each day How far

    Where to stay

    Where to visit along the way

    Account for unexpected Accidents




  • A Real Estate Business Plan Is Your Roadmap to Success in 2015

    A Roadmap

    1. Helps you locate where you are

    2. Helps you determine where you want to go

    Helps you get from point 1 to point 2

  • What Does a 2015 Real Estate Business Plan Include

    Mission Statement Marketing Plans Goals

    Personal Philanthropic Materialistic

    Professional Production Team Money Time

    Goals must meet the following criteria 1. Written down 2. Believable and Obtainable 3. Measureable

  • What Does a 2015 Real Estate Business Plan Include

    What does it Take to Accomplish Your Goals

    How much money does it take to accomplish your personal goals

    How many closings do you need

    How many conversations do you have to have (23:1)

  • What Does a 2015 Real Estate Business Plan Include

    How are You Going to Accomplish Your Closings

    How many conversations

    How many dials to make

    How many emails to send

    How many cards or letters to write

    How often (weekly or biweekly)

    Do you specialize in niches?

  • What Does a 2015 Real Estate Business Plan Include

    How are You Going to Accomplish Your Goals Include Social Media

    Which social media and how often Facebook Google Plus YouTube

    Work on my website more (optimization and blogging)

    More videos Try something new

    (corporate benefits, blogging, video emails)

    Get more client reviews

  • What Does a 2015 Real Estate Business Plan Include

    How are You Going to Accomplish Your Goals

    What is it that you can do (strengths)

    What do you need someone to do for you (weaknesses)

    Virtual Assistants

    What do you need to learn How much time (daily or weekly) will you devote to


  • What Does a 2015 Real Estate Business Plan Include

    Other Weaknesses/Strengths to Consider

    Market Conditions (FHA loan amounts are unchanged for 2015)

    Mortgage debt relief act in 2015

    Credit Challenged Clients

    Down Payment Challenged Clients

    Rising Technology Costs Time spent learning and putting into place systems

    and programs

    Financial & Time Investment

  • 2015 Real Estate Business Plan Sample

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    Sample will be included as a link at the bottom of the video replay

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  • Resources




  • Summary

    1. What a Business Plan is

    2. Why is a Business Plan Needed

    3. Pieces of a Business Plan

    4. Resources

  • Thursday Agenda

    1. Recap

    2. Going thru a sample business plan

    3. Filling out a sample business plan

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