Why pinterest is powerful for real estate

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Pinterest for Real Estate Agents & REALTORS! Why Real Estate Professionals should use Pinterest & the MAJOR benefits of Pinterest for Real Estate Agents. Many Real Estate Agents believe Pinterest is just for fun...not the case! Drive major traffic to your real estate website using Pinterest! Learn more at http://www.pinnablerealestate.com


  • 1.Pinterest for Real Estate Agents Why Pinterest is FABULOUS for Real Estate!

2. Social Media (Pinterest) isnt going anywhere Pinterest is the fastest growing website EVER! Pinterest drives more traffic than Twitter 80% of all pins are re-pinned opposed to 1.4% of tweets that are retweeted Pinterest has a long lifespan - 50% of visits happen 3.5 months after a pin is pinned 3. Pinterest User = Homeowner? 80% of Pinterest users are female The majority of the Pinterest users average income is $75,000+ - real estate consumer? More Pinterest users live in the suburbs than the inner city 4. Benefits of Pinterest for You the Real Estate Agent 1. Drive traffic to your site immediately 2. Traffic brings google ranking - organic search results will be bolstered over time 3. Grow your sphere FAST 5. About me Real Estate Broker from Scottsdale, AZ. Worked Short Sales hard for 5 years. Authored I Love Short Sales Tested, tested & tested some more. I love Pinterest! Driven more web traffic than blogging & direct mail ever did. 6. Charlies Top Keywords for Pinterest Boards www.pinnablerealestate.com 7. Now You arent using Pinterest Most REALTORS I meet dont know how to get visitors to their site. 997,148 Realtors in the US - May of 2013 (NAR) 984 Realtors on Pinterest (My count) the goal: get traffic to your website / blog using Pinterest 8. My Top Pin - Over 10,000 pins... How does that happen? I will show you the step-by-step system to succeeding on Pinterest. = Web Traffic 9. AND 32 new followers last week & 250% growth in followers in 60 days How did I do it? 10. Why this is Awesome Pinterest can benefit you! 1. You can connect with your ideal client based on interest 2. You dont have to call FSBOs, send postcards or pay for other ads. 3. You get more web traffic than you need! More leads = more clients (pinterest user is more affluent) 11. Best FREE Lead Generator (PINTEREST Marketing) Your mindset: Social Media is hard - too much work, too much time. FLIP IT! Im connecting & engaging I see Pinterest as a way to connect with my potential clients. 12. Pinterest Resources www.pinnablerealestate.com (blog) http://www.pinterest.com/pinnablere/