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Getting started with Tustin Realtors requires knowing the market and how these agents function in getting the best deals and prices.

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  • 1.How to Select the Best Tustin Realtors? www.historichomes.com

2. Although there are a lot of highly qualified Tustin real estate agents, there may be some you would really want to avoid. Find out how long the agent has been in the business. Even if the salesperson has been in business only a few years, the office should have been around a long time. Try to do business only with an agent or office that has a long track record of five years at the least. Work with a national franchise. While this is no guarantee youll get an active agent, it does give you some assurance of at least minimal quality in terms of procedures. 3. How to Select the Best Tustin Realtors? www.historichomes.com 4. Bona Fide Realtor or not? If the agent becomes truly incompetent and negligent, you can always appeal to the national office of the chain. Ask to see the agents real estate license. In all states, agents must be licensed and that license must be prominently displayed in their office. Theyll be pleased to show it to you. Ask if the agent is a bona fide Tustin Realtor. This is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), which helps 5. How to Select the Best Tustin Realtors? www.historichomes.com 6. Check the Firms Legitimacy Check with the local better business bureau or (in an extreme case) the local district attorneys office to see if there are now pending or have ever been any complaints against the agent or the office. Call the state real estate department and ask if the agents license has ever been revoked or suspended or if the agent has ever been disciplined. This is public information to which you are entitled. Quite frankly, few buyers will ever take these last two steps as most real estate companies in Orange County are really trustworthy. But theres little harm in 7. How to Select the Best Tustin Realtors? www.historichomes.com 8. Dont Judge by Appearance In most cases, we tend to accept a friendly smile and a solid handshake as evidence of competency and honesty. In most cases, things work out just ne. Remember, however, you are now considering those very few bad apples. The worst thing that you can do is to nd out youve been dealing with a bad agent after something has happenedafter youve made an 9. How to Select the Best Tustin Realtors? www.historichomes.com 10. Do a Background Check Many states have recovery funds. If you have been damaged by an agents actions, you may be able to recover at least a portion of the damages from the fund. Check with your states department of real estate. Remember, it takes only one or two phone calls and perhaps fifteen minutes of time talking to the right people to get a minimal background check on the person who is going to advise you on what is probably the biggest investment youll make in your life. It will give you positive proof and its a very 11. www.historichomes.com Contact information www.historichomes.com 12651 Newport Ave Tustin California, United States Email : sandy@historichomes.com Tel: (714) 731-5100